World Wide Widowers Club

Written By: Marie  Domenici

In 2013, I joined a club called WWWC. It’s a very exclusive club as not everyone can join because there is certain criteria that must be met and the membership fee is extremely expensive with no derived benefits as a result of being a member.
Although this membership is very obvious to members and non-members alike, this club interferes with day to day activities and has a very emotional impact on all its’ membership. Friends and relatives who are aware of this membership either draw closer to you or because they cannot relate, tend to shy away from you. This club does not have by- laws, a website or Facebook page and yet it has a worldwide membership…now you’re probably asking yourself what kind of club is this and why would anyone join?
The membership is comprised of widows and widowers and we become members not by choice but as a result of our losses…so you see why the membership is so costly and without benefits. It’s a membership I wish I could cancel but unfortunately once a member, always a member.
The only good thing about this club is it has a great mission statement which states:
• Enjoy each day with your spouse & family members
• Build great memories today and savor those memories tomorrow
• Choose your battles as you can’t go back after you have become a member of WWWC
I lost my husband May 23, 2013, after a 9 month battle with cancer. What was so ironic, as this was a man who ate healthy, worked out and lived a healthy life style and I’m still asking the question….so what went wrong? The journey from diagnosis until my husband passed away is very clear now.
When your body sends a message, it doesn’t come in the way of a phone call, email or text; the message is non-verbal but yet, speaks loudly as long as you are listening. Don’t make assumptions or attribute, when changes occur in your body, to getting old as this is the message you need to hear and pay attention to. If your back hurts, don’t ignore it, if you have constant heart burn, don’t ignore it, if you’re not feeling like yourself, don’t ignore it!
Your body is your best friend and only your best friend will be truthful and honest with you and this is where you need to truthful and honest with yourself. There are no dress rehearsals when it comes to your health…so pay attention when your body makes that call!
In closing, I just want to say since no one is guaranteed a tomorrow, eventually, everyone will become a member of the Worldwide Widows & Widowers Club (WWWC) so just remember to live, laugh & love for today!