The Wealthiest Man In The World

Written By: James  McGaughey

The Wealthiest Man In The World

By James McGaughey


I am a man that you can’t or will normally meet.  I am in the wealthiest man in the world.  Sure I got stocks, bonds, property too and I’m an eccentric as anyone you will ever see.


Oh my goodness I did hear, Sean P. Diddy will soon be hear.  What is that did you say, Madonna is on the way?  I certainly was surprised to hear Alec taking a bride.  There is Howard and his lovely wife and  I  had to stop and greet them right.  I was with Martin my dear friend and we were in such a terrible tear.  I had to go and see a beautiful house down on fabulous Gin lane.  With its massive big white gates where I was met and greeted by fate.  Oh, Dear what was this I missed Mr. Floyd once again!


I will never forget the first time I missed Mr.  Floyd and did not know who he was.  I stopped at this house to visit and chat and was informed of who I missed.  I was not familiar with the name and  told of his fame.  It puzzled and amazed me and I then researched his work.  I was completely dumbfounded and then astounded by his work and what he had accomplished.  I almost fell off the “Wall.”


I’ll never forget the time my wife and I saw Roy Scheider dance on by.  It was such a  public place and he rushed by in such a haze.  I once went to see a Bridgehampton house that was once quite illicit.  Where Notorious Biggie Smalls had quite a “Juicy” wild soiree.  It was an “Islandin the Sky” and designed by Setsuo Ito.  I’ve not been back there since as my journeys takes me elsewhere.


How I used to love to drive down Wyandanch lane.  Where the London Plane trees gave such a view.  Sometimes, I would go and visit my good friend the “Doc” and had many adventures there.  My dear friend Jack lived upon Duck Pond lane and was certainly a bull of a man.  Where I would almost always meet Sir Arthur, Fran or perhaps dear old Peter the great.


My Vehicle is quite nice, which  I drive in great delight.  It’s as big as I could get to hold the symphony and my bed.  Twenty one and one feet long,  just like a big old cloud up in the sky.  A massive sturdy beast quite the testament of Henry Ford and his feats.  Elegant and long with mirrors that fold and store.  Chrome steps so I may get in and pull a house now, if I dare.


My “Green” car is sleek and shiny  but it’s like a tiny, small tin can.  The fuel mileage is quite high and I have to shift to make it drive.  Sometimes it is quite cramped when the family all squeeze in.  Thank goodness we don’t have a dog because I might forget and drag it along.  It is quite exotic you should know and takes me wherever I want to go.  It is from the land and time of the “Rising Sun” and was happily acquired  by me.


My home I must admit is a testament to my hard work and fits.  There are trophies abound and toys all around.  I have  heads hanging high, with a wild Turkey above my desk.  A giant Cape Buffalo head that nearly fell on my bed.  A testament of a man I know who people call “Bwana” and his name is also Jim.  His daughter he once gave in wedded bliss and made me wealthy beyond my dreams!