The Proposal

Written By: Marsha Portnoy

The Proposal

The Blessing

“It is our pleasure to give you our daughter’s hand in marriage. We look forward to spending many happy occasions with you and your family. We hope you will be like a son to us.”

My son knew it was customary to ask the parents of the girl one plans to marry for their blessing. The only problem was my son lived in the city and didn’t own a car. He asked a friend of his if he could borrow his car. His friend said yes and told him to go to the garage in his apartment and he should tell the garage man his name. The car was brought out to him and he was given the keys. He hopped into the car in a jovial mood and started on his way to Staten Island.

He turned the volume on the radio up and started singing along. This was a great day. Something seemed wrong. The car had a peachy, apricot smell. He opened the glove box and out poured lipsticks, perfumes and cosmetics .. Oh no! This was not his friends car. The garage man had given him the wrong car. How embarrassing. It was a female car He turned around and brought the car back and a very apologetic garage man gave him the right car. He proceeded to Staten Island with a male car. Everyone had a good laugh about this story.

His girlfriend’s mother made a delicious dinner- his favorite chicken cutlets, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli and creamy, sweet chocolate cake for dessert. During dinner he asked the parents for permission to marry their daughter. A bottle of champagne was opened and everyone kissed and hugged. The trip home was smooth and uneventful.

The Plan

After the blessing was completed my son began to develop a plan for the proposal. He enlisted the help of a friend. He wanted it to be a surprise. His friend suggested that she plan a fake party in the Hamptons. Engraved invitations were sent out to my son and his girlfriend. The invitation read:

You are cordially invited to a surprise birthday party for Susan Robbins

Date: Saturday, October 11, 2002

Place: The Palm

10 Main Street

East Hampton

Time: 7:00 O’clock

Please RSVP Joan Sitton by October 1, 2002

My son and his girlfriend responded that they would be glad to come and they reserved our condo in Montauk for the weekend. During the day on Friday, October lOth my son and my husband drove out to Montauk to set up a romantic getaway. They brought red, yellow, and white roses, scented candles, and champagne .They hid these things in the closet,

On Friday night my son and his girlfriend went to see the show Rent in the city. Afterwards they drove out to Montauk for a weekend they would never forget.

The Engagement

The sound of crashing waves. The sight of beautiful blue water and white sand. The smell of ocean air and sun block. This is Montauk. Our family vacationed there for many years and now owns a condo. The perfect place for a proposal.

My son’s girlfriend sleeps deeply. He waited for her to fall into a deep sleep and quietly left the room and set out a blanket on the beach. He scattered rose petals and dug holes in the sand and placed sweet smelling candles in them. He quickly woke up his girlfriend and rushed her to the beach to see the sun rise. She was drowsy and half asleep. The sun was beginning to rise. My son got down on one knee and read the most beautiful fairy tale he had written asking her to marry him ..

She hugged him and kissed him and said “Yes I love you.” Together They drank champagne and huddled together and watched the sun rise. The candles smelled sweetly and the rose petals were spread out on the blanket but most of all they were in love.

Last summer for their 10th anniversary they returned to Montauk and renewed their engagement vows. Now they have two daughters and return to Montauk every summer with their family as a testament to their everlasting love.