The Porch

Written By: Janie Ondrusek

Back and forth, back and forth. The breeze is making its way by smoothly touching my face and playing with my hair. Back and forth. Sun rays are lightly licking my bare feet. Back and forth. Birds suspiciously peeking at me to assure the bird-feeder could be safely used. Back and forth. Other birds, awaiting in a nearby tree, are singing their happy ballads. Back and forth. The lavender keeps bees very busy, dawn to dusk. Back and forth. Glorious butterflies are having a lavender feast also, flying from one purple blossom to another. Back and forth. The tide from the bay’s inlet is coming in, bringing a swan couple with it. Back and forth. What a sight do I have! Back and forth. I can be gazing at it for hours, days, years, and never stop. Back and forth. And if my eyes get tired. Back and forth. Listening to the Nature’s music I could. Back and forth. Singing birds, working bees, clapping of butterflies’ wings. Back and forth. Whistling wind, humming sun, growing grass. Back and forth. The soundless water, yet I hear its whispers. Back and forth. Breathing in the fresh clean air. Back and forth. The scent of lavender, salt water and freshly cut grass is so calming. Back and forth. Hmm, but those cicadas should keep quiet sometimes. Back and forth, back and forth I am rocking in a rocking chair. Back and forth on a porch of a North Fork’s house. The place I fell in love with. The place where my past summers had begun, so had this one. Back and forth. I decide to close my eyes and let my mind free of thoughts. Back and forth. But things I have done so far are knocking on my mind’s door. I’m letting them in. Back and forth. Car’s windows are down, allowing the outside air to come in. It is warm, finally, summer has started. I am not driving fast and the music is off. Trying to focus on driving and enjoy the North Fork’s sight which amazes me every time I pass by. Yet it must have been hundred of times. Vineyards, glistening in the sun. Farms and farm stands, offering to pick your own berries. Colorful signs, attracting people for freshly baked goods. Beautiful old houses, posing in a glam of sunlight. And many other things, inviting you to spend your free time there. Will I ever get enough of driving through? Sand and water are tickling the bottom of my feet. I like to feel moving water. Coming waves are leaving salty drops all over my legs. Looking across the ocean, Connecticut can be spotted there. At the beach of Long Island Sound I am awaiting moments when Nature shows one of its beauties. To see the yellow sun setting down over the blue water. It is not so high in the sky anymore. Turning orange. It gets lower and lower every minute, changes the light blue colored sky and the turquoise blue ocean into millions shades of orange. Light orange at first then it deepens into something dark, the night. The water is trying to reflect the sun’s last light. Sparkles in the water are winking at you it the rhythm of moving waves. The sky is aflame, burning itself down. To stop the fire, night is the only help. But I don’t want to stop that astonishing view. Watching a big bright circle dipping itself, killing itself in the water. Inch by inch it is slowly disappearing, taking away its colorful game. The night has come. It is over. The nigh sky accessorized by millions of silver dots called stars. I can not read it as though people from Custer Observatory. Using their telescope makes you feel like touch one of those stars and bring it home. It feels so close and yet it is all that far. Trying to think what is behind all that is beyond my imagination. But I can’t stop myself from staring into space. Watching one star over another. Lying at the beach and listening to the waves or sitting on a backyard or go further, looking through the telescope. Night after night, here is the best view I can get. It is early in the morning, most of the people are still asleep. The water is so still, flat as a time has stopped. There is no one else but me. The best time to swim. The beach, the water, the fish ans other creatures, is all only mine. The water is shaping my body like a tight swim suit, letting me go through with ease. My hand touched something smooth, probably jelly fish, as usual. Couple more laps and then I let myself float. Let the magic power of ocean hold me atop. It is silent. No boats, no humans, no seagulls yet. The perfect time. What might happen next? How about to taste some wine, in my plan Rose is. And I know a perfect place for it. Two minutes from my favorite beach, 5 minutes from my house. Or maybe some lavender shopping. Let’s see what the rest of this summer will bring! Back and forth, back and forth. In the rocking chair at my favorite porch I am. Back and forth. Relaxed like I can not be anywhere else. Back and forth. Also inspired like I can not be anywhere else. To write, to draw. Back and forth. At the porch when the summer continues. Back and forth. And where it will end.