The Ocean’s Rules

Written By: Thea Garthe

Everyone has a different reason to flock to water’s edge. Your need to be near the ocean changes like the tides do. The things that you needed at twenty, you certainly don’t necessarily need at seventy. My daughter, Xanthia, asked me when she was just 6 or 7 years old, ” What does 24/7 mean?” I answered her the best that I could by giving her a visual. I told her that 24/7 was something that was continuous, but it is ever changing, like the Ocean. That statement never left her.

The Ocean’s Rules are simple and that is probably the main reason that we use this body of water as our sanctuary. The more complicated our lives get, we quest for the simpliest of things that give us the most amount of pleasure with the least amount of effort.

The Ocean has easy rules to follow.Let your worries drift away with each crashing wave. Sink your toes into the sand and release all negative thoughts. Feel your sun-drenched skin absorbing the warmth of the sunshine that will inturn illuminate your being. Who isn’t attracted to someone with a sunny disposition?

The Ocean has a way of washing away the clutter that fills our heads and allows us to be clear-minded and relaxed. The sound of the waves hitting the shore, the laughing gulls or even the rustling of the beach grass in the dunes can be a soundtrack to a peaceful life. So I challenge you to go barefooted and unplugged. And Cease the Day.