The Family Pack

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The Family Pack
By Heather J. Cohen

My dear, generous sister offered to pay for a family getaway. The crew consisted of six adults and four kids (my parents, sister, brother-in-law, my husband, myself, my son plus three nephews). The destination was a stay at the Royal Atlantic townhouse in Montauk. The hotspot is so popular that my sister had to book reservations a year in advance. A five day four night stay. It was our first family trip together. During my childhood family reunions were spent with the extended family at the Catskills. My sister was going to give us the taste of paradise, a summer envy worthy memory on the East end.
Will the cousins all get along? Four boys were bound to be a challenge. Will the adults get along? Would the weather hold up? Since we were staying at a beach house steps out from the ocean the sun needed to show up.
Even before we could park our stressed and over worked selves onto the prized beach we needed to pack for the trip.
After two trips to Costco, CVS and the local Stop and Shop one would think we were staying for months. Our Jeep was overloaded with Tommy Bahamas beach chairs, suitcases filled clothes, sunblock and towels. Plus the coolers were filled with drinks and food that could feed ten families for weeks on end. Packing is a trip just in itself, trips to the store, check lists galore. Did we forget something? Charger for the iPhones, yes, hair straightener, yes, medicine/vitamins, yes. Bathing suits, let me recheck.
After bumper to bumper traffic, a two hour scenic drive we arrived at the resort. Best view ever, a terrace overlooking the ocean. Can we live here? The adults all sat outside basking and day dreaming of the day we can own beachfront property while the kids played together getting sunkissed. We stopped at the local pizzeria goggled up hot slices then we headed off to the prized beach. Both my husband and son requested soft sand as opposed to rocky beaches they were accustomed to. They were in for a treat. The soft sand between their toes and the Aqua ocean waves crashing did not disappoint. The kids frolicked in the sand. They splashed and swam in the water trying to ride the waves. They filled buckets of water while they dunked their heads feeling refreshed and content. Then they moved on to build crooked and unstable sandcastles. The adults supervised the children as their pale complexions turned bronze.
Day one, our first incident occurred we got into a beach real estate property feud. Why does everyone think they own a piece of the beach claiming land by merely staking an umbrella in the sand? The lady closest to us accused my dad of moving all of her possessions. He plead the fifth.
Each day was spent soaking in the sun rays. Blessed with magnificent weather, the kids jumped over the huge Atlantic Ocean waves all five days. Our nostrils welcomed the salt water aroma while bodies and minds succumbed to total relaxation. Gone were the daily stresses, the daily grind. The only stress was what restaurant we would dine. Only a few minor meltdowns erupted amongst the kids, but the sublime atmosphere made any tension dissolve quickly.
We ended our family trip dining at the Harvest restaurant where spectacular views surrounded us as we indulged in a mouthwatering feast. Stomachs were satisfied as the sunset captured the escape of the golden sun and the end of our family vacation.
Montauk may be known as The End, but it truly is the beginning. It should be called the beginning of luxury, carefree times, a perfect destination for family bonding.