The Beach Days of Summer

Written By: Jack Merz

I don’t live in the Hampton’s, but I’ve always loved it there.  The day before we leave home I’ve always asked my parents if we were going to play on our Nintendo DS in the car and they’ve always said that it depends on our behavior.  When we get to our grandparents’  house we always jump right into the pool.  The splash takes over my mind as I hit the water and I let myself sink to the bottom then jump up to catch my breath.  One of my sisters does the same, but the other likes to slowly walk in and shiver like she’s in the middle of a blizzard.  My grandparents always stay out for a little while then jump in.  When my grandparents come in my older sister Katherine has time with my grandfather, Papa, and wrestles him.  We swim for about an hour and then get told to come out for dinner.

My grandma, Nana, makes the best grilled peaches in the world.  The skin falls delicately off the meat as it melts in your mouth.  She also adds delicious pork tenderloin to the mix.  The pork adds some chew in the dish and it’s seasoned with salt that sparkles like diamonds and pepper the color of the ocean that was engulfed by a thunder storm.  The last addition to the team is beautiful sugar snap peas which she simply puts in an elegant, blue, spotted pot that looks like a robin egg.   When you put it in your mouth the whole dish feels like a symphony of tastes.

Every night after dinner everybody goes to the the place that they love most.  Katherine to our room, Isabel everywhere in the house because she loves the whole house equally, and the grownups and I stay at the table.  After that the grownups read us a book called That’s yucky which has really disgusting things.  Then we fall asleep and have dreams taken over by ice cream and waffles.

The next day we head to flying point beach and get sunscreened like crazy.  So that means we have to wait five minutes to get in the water.  I’m not fifteen years old yet so I still have to go in the water with an adult.  The water looks like it just came out of the washing machine.  Because it was so clean I had no trouble getting in unlike my younger sister Isabel.  Isabel hates the rocks, but Katherine and I we don’t care we just swim over them.  That day the waves where about seven feet high and I had to jump them!!!!!  I was kind of scared but relaxed after a while.  My dad taught me a trick where you have to stand sideways and right at the last moment turn your back to the wave and jump.  That sometimes worked for me but sometimes I got soaked.

The other great part of the beach is that you get to play Pro-Kadima and eat ice cream.  I am dominant at Pro-Kadima.  In other words I crush.  My favorite game that involves Pro-Kadima paddles is keep it up.  It is so fun because you get to keep track of your personal and team records so you can beat them.  I also play soccer sometimes but not a lot because we don’t usually bring a soccer ball to the beach.  I usually watch others play and say to myself they’re not as good as I am.

The only bad thing about my grandparents house is that we always lose or leave something there, like this year we left our tennis rackets there so now we can’t play this summer. Another thing we left there a few years ago is underpants. I mean who leaves underpants at someone else’s house? Well I just answered my question we leave underpants at someone else’s house. I was kind of embarrassed when my grandparents called the night after we left.

My sisters and I love taking the ice cream shot.  What is the ice cream shot you ask? It’s a shot where you stand in the shallow end of the pool and take three shots at the inflatable basketball hoop with inflatable balls. If you make it all three of us will get creamy and delicious vanilla ice cream on waffles for breakfast the next day.  This year my dad made it and I made it. It’s as awesome as that.

Every year we always watch some kind of movie like “The Incredibles,” ”Night at the Museum,” etc.  This year we watched “The Croods,” but my younger sister Isabel wanted to watch “Enchanted,” but since Katherine and I wanted to watch something else with less princesses we watched “The Croods.”  It’s a pretty good movie with extravagant details and awesome graphics.   You might want to see it.

Nana and I always face off in Go fish and Monopoly, so I practice every winter. But this year I had some other competition known as Daddy, Mommy, Katherine and Isabel so it was a long game. In Go fish I also win a lot because I have some psychic powers. Every time my opponent asks for a card I apparently don’t have It so they pick a card and then when I ask for a card they have it because it’s the card that they just picked up.

¡That’s what my family does on the beach days of summer!