The B&B

Written By: Susan  Fiorenza

It was a Saturday morning in October, several years ago, when we were headed to the North Fork to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. The air was crisp and the leaves had begun sprinkling the green lawns with colors of red and yellow. Now, we’ve been out east before, hitting all the towns on the South and North Forks, but this was the first time we were heading to a B&B in Jamesport. Five of us piled into the car; my sister and I, our two daughters and Mom headed out, taking the expressway to the end. The strip malls and big box stores were fading behind us and the roads we now traveled were grass lined, single lanes. As we approached the town we were on the lookout for the place we would call home for the night. One farm appeared after another, with wooden roadside stands full of fresh fruit, vegetables and buckets full of flowers. The space between lets you look all the way to the horizon where the green grass meets the brilliant blue sky. It brings an overwhelming sense of peace to me and I am always grateful for this island we are fortunate to live on. I’m awakened from my meditative state from a rapping of my Mother’s ring on the window and her saying “B&B, B&B” in this voice that made us all just crack up laughing! We found it, and after turning around and pulling into the driveway we were pleased to see that we’d be staying in one of the farmhouses that line these country roads. It was set on two acres of property, with a front porch surrounded by vines and wicker rocking chairs just calling your name. Ferns were hanging from above, and the resident dog was nestled on the steps. We checked in, left our bags and headed into Greenport, a seaside village, for lunch on Front Street and the afternoon browsing in and out of the stores and galleries. With cups of coffee and tea in hand for an afternoon pick me up we walked down to the docks that overlook the harbor. We watched as the boats bobbed up and down and the water slapped against the docks. It was approaching dinner time and we had reservations at the Soundview Restaurant, one of the landmarks of the East End. As the name states it’s right on the Long Island Sound and situated so that as you’re sitting at the tables lined near the windows it’s like you’re sitting right on top of the rocks, watching the waves break against them. You couldn’t ask for a better dining atmosphere. The drinks came and we raised our glasses to celebrate our Mom, acknowledging that all her hard work, love and sacrifice brought the five of us to where we were that night. The next morning we were awakened by the smell of bacon and sausage cooking and went downstairs for our breakfast. The owners told of their stories living on the North Fork for decades as we enjoyed our farm fresh eggs and homemade jam. We thanked them for their hospitality, and started the trip back home. The single lane country roads turned into three lane highways and the roadside was quickly filled in with brick and mortar establishments, with very little green in between. We had the best time that weekend, creating memories to last a life time. Our Mom has since left this earth, but whenever we are on a road trip, we rap on our windows with our rings and say “B&B”, imitating that funny voice and the memories of Mom and that weekend on the North Fork come rushing back.