Superstorm Sandy

Written By: Benson Edman

On Sunday there were warnings of a huge storm. Then late Sunday my mom got a message from J.M.M.E.S (my school) saying school would be cancelled on Monday. Then Monday morning the wind was blowing everywhere. My mom forced me to go with her to take pictures of the high waves (I had no choice because it was useless to find a babysitter, besides we were only gone for a few minutes). There were kayaks loose and a blue crane (not the vehicle the bird) walking and he looked lost. There was a beach a few seconds away from our house. That’s where we went to take the pictures. We couldn’t get to Sammy’s Beach because the street was basically flooded. So we went home and got ready for the storm.

We filled plastic tubs with water; we put batteries in the flashlights, and listened to the weather radio. Then when we were watching “TinTin” the television automatically turned off. Then the electricity went out shortly after. We decided to stay in our basement because the wind was blowing like crazy! So I played on my IPad until the battery was low. Then I became bored so my mom presented me with my birthday present early. It was a LEGO set. At that time I couldn’t really build LEGO sets so my mom helped me. We had to use lanterns. My mom stopped after awhile and let me do the rest. When I had finished with one of the parts it was time for dinner (See what I mean I wasn’t the best at building LEGOs). My mom tried to cook pizza (I can’t remember if it had worked. I was only 5).

On Tuesday there was still no school and electricity. My mom had to cook coffee on our BBQ. Then my friend called to see if I could come over. (I’m now ten so I haven’t seen him for a while). When we were driving over there was a tree in the road, but there was just enough space to get around it. While I was playing, my mom went to Kmart to get Internet access and she also picked up a LEGO set for me. Then she picked me up and we went to a friend’s house where we heard she had power. We went and found out she actually did. So we charged the IPhone and IPad and I played on their LEGO table.

Then we went home and there was still no electricity. (I found the LEGO set in the back of our car and told my mom that I had seen it. My mom had gotten me LEGO baseplates to build a LEGO table but I don’t think that she had shown me them yet). Then on Wednesday it was Halloween (By the way my LEGO sets were Halloween themed). My costume was the Golden Power Ranger, (FYI, I now despise “Power Rangers”). The radio said there would be Trick-or-Treating in Sag Harbor. All of the stores did not have electricity, so all of the employees were standing outside handing out candy. The last thing I remember on Wednesday was carving a pumpkin to use it as a lantern.

On Thursday I still had no school or electricity. My mom worried about it getting cold. When my mom was building the LEGO table everything started beeping! Then the electricity turned back on. We charged all of our electronics, took all of our food out of our friend’s refrigerator, and flushed the toilets. Luckily the power turned back on because that night it was cold.

I also did not have school on Friday. We checked other friends’ houses to make sure everything was okay. One house had a leak and the electricity was out. Then everything was normal and Superstorm Sandy was over for us. (BUT! the LEGO table fell apart a few days later).