Sunrise Highway

Written By: James  McGaughey


By James McGaugney


There is a road that takes me to a land where many people roam.  It’s quite exquisite as you will see and points towards my home.  There are many things that I can see and still hear the drone of those yellow, bumble bees.  There are many people that also come and go.  They are spirits that drift like the wind in the night, through the trees they howl and fade out of my sight.

In Montauk there is Jack Yee as I most vividly see, who missed an incredible picture of me.  Knocked over by a huge, rogue wave.  I dislocated my shoulder in shocking pain.  He helped me to stay calm, I struggled with self doubt, finally setting it back into place.

It is a land I do know and is wondrous like a poem.  Where many souls are always, destined to roam.  Frank Mundus I heard was quite a wild young man and told many incredible tales.  There is no doubt he was impressive in his exploits, many ocean going feats.  Together with Spielberg, Scheider, Dreyfuss and don’t forget Miss Gary.  Robert Shaw’s portrayal of a man Peter Benchley named “Quint.”  With a book and a movie, its title named “Jaws.”  We would never now swim and ever really be quite sure.

Where Dave Bofill once took me, he showed me quite a comical scene.  Dragging a refrigerator through the “North Sea Dump.”  Where in the closing act we laughed and howled, departing from the audience light.  A titan and the ”King” clashing with crushing, massive boats.  George Luce I did hear, quick get Gene Seraphine to heck out here.  There is Keith with a grin tuning a Cigarette in the din.  Doug laughing silly with a grown up blow up dilly.  Sent especially this time of year not by Santa, meant as a joke, by the “Wild, Wild Jerry West.”  Little Joe and his gigantic sons, how much did they grow in total this month?

This is by Conscience Point, where Rodger told me stories of Dave when young.  His boat called “Sit Tight” or you’ll fly out in terrible fright.  He was a mentor, like a big brother to me.  George Hlavarty cracking jokes, Harry reciting about the boats.  Andy was most irate about being called a senseless name.  I could walk right next door to George or Helen and had my first taste of local bee honey.  They were once the past keepers of this of this blessed impasse and has now past on into other peoples hands.

Where inHamptonBaysand Westhampton I could go and meet Andy and his shows.  There was Arty with a bow and Kevin Finnegan I surely did know.  Tommy O’Leary strumming his guitar and Rich Quinones with his high wire diving act.

There was once a wiffle ball team, that threw with incredible speed, in downtownWesthamptonBeach.  The World Series highlight was played in fan fare plus great delight.  The trophy although small was an image and a toy.  The boys invited Jerry Seinfeld to this wonderful spectacle they put on.  He was a no show at their incredible event, so they strode off flawlessly with no regrets.  Rowdy, Roddy Piper made up for this loss.  Although he was the image and not just some little toy.

There is the Roadhouse I still see with the naked man statue down on his knees.  Otto’s deli made mouth watering, stomach mending  Reuben’s, which Dave always found  to be highly instrumental.  There was once an old dark man, who walked and lived inSouthamptonland, people referring to him as the “Mayor.”  The Qougue Field Club where Ricky would drink his Budweiser and V-8.  My dad giving Hilton a ride, having to stop so he can pick upWilson’sRye.  In Spinney Hills I could ride and met Richie Marsicano who introduced me to my lovely bride.  Big Don I also did know and this is one place we would go.  Until it came the day the rule of law took it all away.

The Atlantic twenty years now old, where Donny and me would always roam.  Here comes A.J. across a rise, Max and Sadie by his side.  Randy Knapp in a muddy trench, a geyser shooting above his head.  Bill Schuford big and strong with Sammy digging right along.  The Garcia family cutting Greens as far as I possibly could see.  Cristabol my assistant, what in tarnation is he making?  Incredible Ox Tail soup I still taste and tortillas cooking on a very hot plate!