Summer of ’77

Written By: Ari  Dupree

Summer of  77

Ari Dupree


         There once was a young women ,  lets call her Lovey,  who had a


fancy for me  .  She snuck  me her number as I was dining , drinking and


laughing with friends , without her parents seeing .   We met and  partied


while watching some deer feeding ,   we decided we could make


something here . We started dating and I don’t remember the beginning ,


guess I was to overcome with the love


disease ,  glad to finally just have some  good lovin.  It got even better


when she said she was moving out to Southampton for the summer ,  she


already had a job serving  food in the diner where sunrise hwy and


montauk hwy merge into one lane ,  and a place to live . A cute little


studio in a row of studios with a sauna in the basement laundry area  ,  it


could have been on north sea rd . I believe it was just east of  the canal to


the north .   I was lucky  to have met up with her because I had never


done that sort of thing before .  It started with 4 of us , sharing a studio


and 2 of us  not paying  rent  and one of those was me . We were buns up


kneeling,  wheeling and dealing   .


         I hung up a sheet to get some privacy because I wasn’t into being



watched  and seeing others  have sex ,  I felt it was easier then being


distracted or inhibited . It worked for me and no one else said anything .  


Sooner then later I was asked to tell one other not to come  by any more .


How was it up to me ? It was my friend who she was banging , which is


about all they were doing  not much of a friendship  ,   but I did step up


and tell him its over . Guess that helped me  earn me some points ?


         By this time with unemployment benefits coming in , I was hanging


in the Hamptons and using Lovey’s car to drive her to work and then


spend the day doing what I had always done , looking for women’s


clothes to wear and going to the beach . She did not know about the


clothes and I wouldn’t  admit anyway .  I did some fishing also  , really  


the canal was right there   and what else did I do when she was


working  ?         


         Least I forget she had 4 other female friends living nearby all


together right in the middle of the village  above a very upscale


boutique ,  I cant remember the name of . Across the street from the


Drivers seat restaurant , is that still there ?  Doesn’t this sound like a


sweet deal  ? I would go visit them when I was lonely and spent time hanging with 1 , 2 , 3  or 4 other women in Southampton village   while


Lovey worked and she was happy that she knew where I was .


         One day I almost blew it by having another women in our studio 


while Lovey worked and she came home to find us there . The other


women was only a neighbor who was locked out , but Lovey was fuming ,


man was she fuming !!!  It was totally innocent , I swear nothing


happened , she cooled off soon  after breaking into the other studio  and


“helping’’ the women out . Or perhaps while I was in the sauna in the


complex because  I had such a hard day . That sauna was sweet and it


was great on hot summer nights because after that it did not feel so hot


out . We had no air conditioner which sounds strange these days but I