Sleeping with the Enemy in the Hamptons

Written By: Sandra Senzon


As a single women in the Hamptons you don’t have to sleep with the enemy; all you have to do is try to maintain your home.

Sixteen years ago I bought a home, a dream come true? Or a nightmare? I thought to myself, I either have a guardian angel or I am too smart for the manipulators who work here. So today I was guided to get pool water in a glass and brought it over to see what was wrong. The girl tested my water and said it has such a low Ph and Alkalinity it is dangerous to swim. boy, did this upset me.

Not everyone, is a millionaire here; but the workers sure think everyone is. Where are the ethics? I’ll start with today and leave out the names.

Two weeks ago my skin was itching and didn’t know why; went to the dermatologist and he said check out your pool. “I have the greatest pool people I said”. But every time I say so it bounces into a negative. The only problem is that I am getting metal stain on the pool walls. This morning I awoke and called Nugent Potter, they said they do not check for metals but for Ph and Chlorine. Since I had a problem with stain they said I should go to Kazden Pools. I went, and found out the the Ph was not even 6.0 and there was no alkalinity, which caused skin irritation and much discomfort. I had the girl call my company and the owners wife said blah, blah and blah big nothings. Instead of an apology there defense was an offense and they said they will not come back. They were guilty so threatened to pick up a check. I calmed myself and said please come over and fix the problem and then I will pay.

Alone with the bullies I thought. Why am I attracting this? I had a recent renovation with a contractor and he said he worked with the biggest and he was taught many things. Get paid mostly up front and then threaten to walk off the job.

He did threaten, and almost put me to tears. Now the ball is in my court because he said I should get paid bills for the subcontractors and I should check the work. The roof leaks, the handrail is for someone without a hand. I thought and so on and so on, another problem.

Yesterday, the new garbage company emptied half of my garbage and put the other half in another container. I said why wasn’t the garbage collected? Answer came back, you must need two cans; two separate charge. I said no I don’t.

Instead of a Haven, I am having lessons of beating the bully. Is this relaxing? Should there be an association for women alone? If your reading this and have some equal problems please let us gain strength in numbers and Beat the Bully.

Life in the Hamptons should be serene, loving and less stress. Why do these people get away with this? Do they think women are stupid? I am very intuitive and know without knowing.

Let the sun out and the evil disappear. I thought it was just me but I hear this over and over. Men must think women are stupid. We’re not, we are survivors and need people to know that. Dating womanizers was enough, now this. It’s all the same I thought. Nice people stupid choices. The pool man so to speak also cut all my property down. He’s some kind of a control freak. I think I figured all this out. Its about control. Somehow they have to control, it’s there way or the highway. If you are attractive and smart forget it. Let the sun come through and let’s not Sleep with the enemy.