Sagaponack-Land Of The Big Nut

Written By: Jim McGaughney

Sagaponack, “Land Of The Big Nut”

By Jim McGaughney


This a true story of a man I know who sometimes works and roams through the “Hamptons.”  The funny thing about him is that he is a man with no name and “Great Integrity.”  He has been also been called a “Big Nut” and in a case of irony works in the fields of Sagaponack, but after knowing him I knew this wasn’t true.  He was in fact a very caring and sincere “Human Being” and if that classified him as “needing mental help,”  so be it!


One day I was riding with him in what he calls his “Chariot.”  It is a big white van which he has many incredible things in and a wonderful musical system.  A song came on that was written by Pete Townsend, sung by Roger Daltry and performed by the Who.  I asked him, who are you?  He told me he didn’t know and when he was younger his eyesight was perfect but he was actually blind and ignorant.  As time progressed his vision became worse but he was now slowly able to see, hear and speak and was no longer blind.


He enjoys reading, writing, photography, music, stories and celebrates life.  He talks to the birds and creatures which he calls “Beings” and say’s hello to them each day.  Wait a minute “he is definitely crazy!”  Though I have seen all of his work and it seems to get better and changes as our short time on Earth  passes.  There are many stories he tells and never lies.


His home is a quaint little place in which he progressively develops.  He’s fortunate to have a wonderful wife and three lovely daughters.  They got an alarm system installed to guard against intrusion.  He really didn’t want it but felt in life you must sometimes be cautious.  He had told me that he was just like a mouse but I knew that could also be contradicted.


I heard the poem he wrote about this, in which he dedicated to his blessed Mother in Law, Madeline.  Who grew up on theNorth Forkand was the only girl in her home and lost her mother when she was six.


The Mouse


I have an alarm system, in my house

I don’t know why, I’m like a mouse

I’ll huff and I’ll puff, then I’ll stare

And just like that turn into a bear!


His health has been problematic for almost two years now with a lung problem.  Recently his mother “Patricia,“ a once beautiful Irish farm girl, tragically passed from this world from lung cancer.  He was her first born and in many ways alike, suffering together and entering  into different realms.


There was a another funny poem he wrote when he first got sick and had to go and have blood work done.  He too also thought he could have lung cancer and this was part of the testing.  It was a very warm, sunny day and his physical vision gets worse with time, requiring him to wear glasses.


Knowing him and on this day he was under full steam trying to find answers.  He barreled ahead in the sun glare to what he thought was the blood lab.  Instead he found himself in “No Mans Land” and dedicated his experience to an 87 year old Grandmother, Mrs. Ritter of Riverhead, who laughed and was kind when told the tale.  This happened onFriday, June 4, 2010.




I went to go and have, blood work done, I wondered why and was blinded by sun

I walked through the door and was caught with a grin, I just realized and spoke out in a din

I’m a man, I was sure, not a girl, so I swore

The crowd they did laugh and myself I then past

That day I walked into the OBGYN!


You may have also met him or had him do some work for you.  Perhaps one day drove past and did not notice him.  It is very easy to do today as we have modern technology at our disposal which is capable of great speed.