Ready for me?

Written By: Jacqueline  Fox

How I got back home and how I got “Ready for me” … Are you ready for me?  To be explained at the end of “My story … ”


One random Summer Sunday afternoon in Munich, Germany, after my husband (of 14 year) and I put our two gorgeous girls to bed, we sat in our garden sharing an evening wine, he spoke the words that I already knew would come.  “We have to talk” he said.  Taking a very deep breath and a big long sip of wine, he told me “I’m having an affair.  I am “in” love with her.  I just want to be with her.”  Wow was my quiet, inner response.  I had already known “it” unconsciously, of course.  My second response was “That is so awesome.  Really?  Love?  Finally the truth.

Okay, I said … “I love you and I just want you to be happy, always” to be continued.

The rest by email ….

I worked on this all day and last evening, I already have full document and will send by email.

My “Love story” is a great story and I hope to summit entry via email.



Love always, always Love.