No Dogs Allowed

Written By: Michael  Humphreys

What is the world coming to? Not only are Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton the two nominees for the presidency of the United States but now dogs aren’t allowed on the beach? I mean c’mon. Are you serious?

My name is Tango. I am a Chesapeake Bay and golden retriever mix. I was rescued from the Newington, Connecticut Humane Society by my friend Mike last year. While I am only a little over a year old in human years, I know that Southampton beaches have changed for the worse in that time.

Last summer Mike brought me to our family’s house in Southampton for the first time. It was a long commute but it was pretty fun! First, we hopped into Mike’s Acura and cruised over to New London, Ct and where we drove right onto this huge boat called the John H. ferry. After climbing to flights of stairs we sat down on some benches and looked up at all the stars. The ferry ride was about an hour and a half and was a relaxing break in between drives. When we got off the boat we had another hour ride to get to the house.

That first time coming out here was amazing! I had been to the reservoir near our house tons of times which is where Mike taught me to swim but that was nothing like these bodies of water. I found out I was at the Mecox Bay and the huge body of water was the North Atlantic Ocean. Now that is scary water. I loved swimming in the bay but I only went up to my knees in the ocean. It’s a bit deep and rough for my liking.

The best part of the beach wasn’t the water though, it was the social aspect of it. There were so many different types of dogs at the beach. I got to play with most of them if they let me. We would chase after a ball or run along the wave-line or just wrestle. Mike seemed to like it too because he would either play with us or have conversations with the other humans. Everyone was so friendly, talkative, and we all had a great time.

I quickly found out the best parts of the day to go to the beach were in the morning or in the evening because it wasn’t as hot. If we went in the middle of the day, Mike would always bring me some travel tupperware filled with water and I would relax under the umbrella. He always took care of me and I loved going to the beach. That is why I am so confused and frustrated.

The first time Mike and I went to the beach this summer a man in a dark uniform got out of his car and told Mike that he had to keep me on a leash and that soon dogs wouldn’t be allowed on the beach at all. He said they were just working on a sign and once that was installed it would be enforced. Now I don’t mind being kept on a leash when I’m with Mike. It’s not the greatest but I’m OK with it, but why in the world can’t I go on the beach?

Is it because of the endangered Piping Plovers? Because, if so, I can stay away from those. The committee already put up a fence so I know where not to go. Or, did a dog poop on a highly influential person’s towel? Mike always brings trash bags to pick up after me. If I didn’t have these darn paws I would do it myself. Whatever the case may be, I think this new rule is incredibly unfair, and ridiculous. Feel free to add more guidelines for having us dogs on the beach, but there is no need for this extreme verdict. If nothing else, please provide Mike with a reasonable explanation so he can explain it to me.

Please take my story and suggestions into consideration.


Deeply Appreciated,