Neon Sky Ocean Paradise

Written By: Nicholas  Graham

As I make one of many drives out East, my mind begins to drift to a place in time across a past, where I find myself in a moment of my own future in-play. A warm feeling like summer night fire flies flood to me as I pass North Sea Rd. where my great grandfather Sherman Alexander kept a 1700 era home out at Towd Point. Mom would share, as a little girl some of her fondest memories were made. 1955 in the cool of the morning, my grandmother Muriel opened a kitchen drawer where a stowaway field mouse leapt onto her shoulder, ran down her dress and out the open kitchen door. She screamed out while Mom, uncle Rob and Jim all keeled over as a small trio of laughter. As the linens hung in the breeze catching drifts of fresh rhubarb pie cooling on the porch, Sherman would fish, the kids would clam while the family pack of knee sized dogs would dock dive. Simple moments that transcend summertime.

In 2012, I a 20 something in MTK where my at the time GF and I first dated in March. At Ditch, we stripped down and dove skivvies first into the crashing suds of early spring. It was barely 40°. Warming ourselves on shore, both tangled nests of curly beach hair laying under blankets on the dunes, basking on the cusp of a season we just couldn’t wait for. We’d cruise around to all the hot spots in that blue patina jeep, relishing all the seafood at sunset before crashing at her families Leisure-Rama, a Murphy bed surf cottage brought to you by Macy’s.

More recently I would meet Anne a likeminded artist/owner of a beautiful secluded A-frame. There I traded time for home repairs. Seaside chores are like a fantasy camp for me to surf, paint and swim before I host my friends for the weekend.

Now I’m envisioning my own phase of a neon sky paradise, a saucy atmosphere filled of white washed salt sea air filling my soul I long to call home.