Nature Loves You, I Promise

Written By: Alyssa Eileen

As a person who wants to believe in the things they cannot see, I fear, there is in no way that I would not have been accused of witchcraft. I would have really had to have been “hush-hush” about any type of herbal remedies or even any interest in them.

I find different forms of spiritualism fascinating. I feel as though I have a basket filled with eggs of my choosing. Looking into the different beliefs of many cultures, there are mainly similarities rather than difference. Even forms paganism seems to have more similarities than differences with the many Christian faiths.

However, I find myself more interested in ancient religions as seem to have been less politically involved while deciding and practicing one’s faith. Herbs, oils, and crystals seem like magic to me but only in the miraculous sense. It amazes me that simple, pure aspects of from the world of nature around us instead of from some chemical creation of man, are able to present different abilities in helping us through life – whether it be illness or wellness in general.

People tend to believe more in the chemical creations of man rather than anything plainly pure and true as from nature. Yet, I was recently very sick with a virus and without the use of a clover honey and herbal concocted tea and especially drops of oil of oregano, I would have spent more than a week on my living room couch moaning with my DVD’s of the television show “The OC” playing in the background. The natural remedies I used helped to ease my discomfort as well as help kill the viral infection itself. It lasted as long as any other virus but with one difference. My entire body was less irritated from the illness. My fire pit sore throat was eased to only a dull pain that occurred only when I was having coughing fits. How can these “concoctions” me silly and foolish when they prove to work time and time again throughout millennia?

To me, if some form or way to accomplishing an aspect of life has been used successfully for generations, it must be “doing something right”. For instance, the Ancient Egyptians at some point in time invented a simple yet extremely useful tool still used today in every American household. This tool I speak of, we know as “scissors”. If honey and oil of oregano work wonders for a sore throat, why not continue to use such things? Why must society question nature so often and think the minds of man are somehow so much smarter? Nature has been in existence surviving and evolving far longer than humans, so why are we so fantastically special in our mind?

Fortunately, in the town where I live, during the time of with accusing mania, only one woman was accused. She was a woman that believed in allowing nature to give a helping hand. This was not okay with her peers (or perhaps her rosebushes were constantly overgrowing onto her neighbor’s property and they were it was not as easy to sue a person as it is today). Her name was Goodie and she was brought to Connecticut to stand trial where, having absolutely no evidence proving her to be a witch, she was quickly released back to her home.

I don’t know who accused her nor why but I am happy I never had to know them. We are all fortunate to be alive during this a time in America where exploration is encouraged and done so by most. We are allowed to learn and figure out things about ourselves before we are told what we should be and we should want. We are not fully there yet at the point where we can safely explore any option and impress or make proud every person we know. However, we have a chance to fight for what we want and whom we think we are because even with societal pressures, exploration and education is now legal.

So, anyone reading this, go out there. Explore. Educate yourself. Find out what is inside of you that truly makes you, you. Find out why your personality is what it is. Find the unique, the unusual, and the rare. Finally, after you find all of that, go and find the hope to help you believe real love exists.