My Morning Walk

Written By: Michele Tarica

My morning walk. My daily walk, about three miles, to and from the beach, walking along Cobb Road to Flying Point Road, and returning back to Cobb Isle. A simple walk. So much to see and feel, hear and breathe, stimulating my mind, my body, and soul. My walk is the best. The goal of my morning ritual is the great divide between heading forward and returning back. The leaning towards is knowing the massive body of water and sand lives just steps ahead. The surf and the waves crash together, roaring and speaking, letting me know just how this lion wakes up. The light gently, yet firmly, reaching forward, beginning to spread its rays to this area. My breath becomes alive with the morning dew. I breathe in the sun as it mingles with the newly awakened a.m. air. As I step, I can breath deeper and longer as the air dances all around, happy to be beginning a new day. When I begin my journey, I have so much to look upon. The scenes are filled with greenery or whatever the season brings. The grass may be dewy or the trees may be bare. The leaves may be fallen or full and lush. The cropped privet is poised and erect, always awaiting the season to follow. And as the farmland ahead unravels its past, protecting its future, we visualize the organic nature of our land. The dirt in its purest form, awaiting the next reveal. It is the reason we are here. And looking at my path going forward, I can sense the calm of the day. Just seeing the water ahead, the light hitting the tiny bumps on the bay, the bobbing of the bridal swans makes me hopeful for all anew. So much to feel when I step along the road. The air is crisp and the wind may be still or not. The ground is rocky at times, as a rough winter may have prevailed. The excess sand is slippery from the overflow of a past storm or a high tide so I adjust my speed. I feel the walk is with the rhythmic movement, step over step, sensing my body moving to the beat. The walk brings joy and motion to my legs, my arms, my heart and my mind. The senses are sharpened by every angle, blending harmoniously together with my breath. The blue skies sits upward for my eyes to see as I propel forward. The rolling road challenges my steps, the humid air connects with my lungs’ capacity. With each step taken along my path, I inhale the scent of the salt off Mecox Bay. And as I walk back, a different perspective is playing through my senses. The return is a world looking in reverse, but no less beautiful. I can envision the waves receding from the sand, crashing softly back to its home. The sounds of tranquility are barely audible. I am just able to hear the birds sing their morning song. They sing in unison or to one another as I listen to their banter back and forth. Peaceful yet melodic and sweet. Visiting the trees and the birds and the water and the land, an honor to have them by my side. I check my surroundings between the water and the rolling lawns, as I am reminded of this journey we all share together. All in my world, part of my daily routine. I awaken almost every day knowing my day begins with a nice walk. About three miles to the water and back. A joyous time. A hampton’s special. My simple morning walk. Michele Tarica Water Mill Resident