My Last Summer In The Hamptons

Written By: Jacqueline  Wong

  This summer in the Hamptons was fun filled with amazing activities, but was hard to enjoy. Usually people would be writing about how they love the Hamptons so much, but I am writing about how I am going to miss the Hamptons. My grandmother owns a house in Bridgehampton right on the beach. So we would have the privilege to go to the beach whenever we wanted. Plus we had a pool, so we would rotate between the beach and the pool all day long. Life was pretty good. My grandfather loved the Hampton house. He would go there whenever he could, and his one wish was to never sell the house. Unfortunately that day had to come. It came too early, too soon for the founder of all those precious memories to be sold. I spent my first birthday there, my great grandmother used to spend her days there, the house had so many memories good and bad, from before I was born to now. It was the place where I spent my summer’s having the best time of my life. Now that we might sell the house, my life might never be the same. If my grandfather were here he would fight against this, he would treat the house as if it were an extra limb. But my grandfather died last year. He was the Hampton house’s biggest fan. The house is one of the last things I have to remember of my grandfather. All of these reasons just pile up endlessly of why we shouldn’t sell the Hampton house. So why would my grandmother sell it? Some conversations with my grandmother went somewhat like this, “Why are you selling the house?” she answered back with an “I don’t know,” or “It’s too stressful to maintain” I would continue on “We could solve all of those problems together, so why are you still planning to sell it?” The conversations usually would die down to silence. I keep on trying to convince her, beg her that she shouldn’t sell the Hampton house. I know my grandmother very well, she sticks with her decisions and works very hard and maybe even a little too hard. She always works around the house every single day. Even though the house was meant for relaxation and enjoyment. This summer I realized that we shouldn’t work too much, or too little. We should enjoy what we have, but not to the point where we act all spoiled. I should help my grandmother, but on the flip side also enjoy what I have. I love the Hamptons so much! I’ll miss not just the house but also the area around it.

  Memorable restaurants will always stay close to my heart, kayaking, lake fishing, tennis on the courts, playground fun, shopping at the cutest stores, and much more. I loved it all. We also went to a surf camp near our house placed on the beach. I had the best time ever! The instructors were nice, funny, inspiring, very patient, and great surfers of course. Also I made many friends and everybody had such a positive attitude. I will also always remember the annual family party. It was an event where all of my family members came to the Hampton house and enjoyed the beach and sun. When I mean all of my family members I mean like fifty people come from all over. Some of my family members even come from California, and Boston! The party celebrates the summer birthdays. (I actually have a summer birthday too, so I especially enjoy the big day of the party!) And this year I cherished every moment of the last family party. I will miss the Hamptons house, and every memory that formed in it. I will always remember my last summer there. The Hamptons will always have a place in my heart. I love the Hamptons.