My First Experience

Written By: Klara  Grozinger

No i don’t have a childhood memory of growing up on East end of Long Island.Why? Because i was thirty years old when came.

All my childhood memories tide to the country where i was born and lived until i came. That is an East European country.No

it is not a secret.It has been compared to the world famous and most visited recently troubled place on earth Paris.That is

Budapest Hungary.After got married nine years later my arrival date was the first time when visited the famous Hampton.

It was a weekend when we took a ride out there.Still lived in Queens.It was a day trip.Long but worth it.Loved the antique

shops.My husband testify to the fact that i love shopping.He and his valet does not always appreciate this talent of mine.Love

of any kind of art,so visited many galleries.The crowd did not scared me in fact was so exited and full of hope to see some celebrities

and write about to my friends back at homeland.That did not happened or maybe just did not recognized them.Shame on me.

I had another chance to be envy of my friends when we went for a Barbra Streisand live concert.Me and my friends were big fan of her

specially after seeing the musical Funny girl.It was unforgettable.Proud also the movie Yentl was filmed in Budapest.Remember we were

so exited that they were filming there but sorry could not  see her in person.Still lived in Budapest worked in a Herbal store on Andrassy ave

when Yoko Ono walked in.It is true.Special moment for a young person.That day in the Hampton did not just visited the town but my husband

showed me where the celebrities live.Of course many of the mansions lay behind high gates so not really visible but still very impressive the beautiful

landscaping and mature trees.Love the trees in East Hampton how they bend together make look like a tunnel.The word mansion were very foreign to me

indicator of the size of these places .When saw the over sized properties with private tennis court and many many extras, kept asking my hubby.

All this owned by one family?He assured me yes. I was born and lived in a communist country till my arrival here.I was not accustomed to this kind of wealth.

Wrote to my friends about the Hampton.Compared to Szentendre a small town in Hungary. Szentendre lays at the pat of Danube river and also has many quaint

antique shops,vacation homes.Love the feeling that found another place in my home country that has many similarities to the Hampton.

Szentendre has a rich history.1872 became a city.Big tourist destination.Has many restaurant,serves fresh fish caught from the river.Great art galleries to visit,gift shops

where you by the famous hungarian dolls call matyo baba dressed in national clothes. Over the years we been visited neighboring towns too.Enjoyed many great productions in the Bay street theater

in the town Sag Harbor.Also enjoyed the crepes made by a french born lady and see to be replaced by a pizza place made me sad.Like pizza but i like very much having a place to get crepes

and it also reminded me home specially the taste.We have a crepe named after its maker Gundel.Generally the crepes or blintzes rolled  in the long way  this one square has ground

walnuts inside and topped with hot chocolate syrup.This is delicious.One of our holidays Pesach we went the synagogue in Green Port.That is the smallest synagogue i have ever been.

Like that is very old and intimate.Presently we made  a permanent home on Long Island enjoying the ocean,fresh air, visiting wineries,and eating farm fresh fruits and vegetables.That is my story Klara