My Brother

Written By: Juliana  Miano

My brother means the world to me.  We are constantly fighting over the little things and he is always getting on my nerves but I know that it is just his way of showing me how much he loves me.  If I didn’t have my brother I wouldn’t know who to annoy, who to talk to, who to hang out with or who to teach me how to play video games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto.  If I didn’t have my brother I could honestly tell you how sad I would be everyday to not be able to come home to someone who constantly wants to play with me and who unconditionally loves me no matter what I say or do.  I thank god every night for my wonderful family and the most amazing brother I could ever ask for every night.  I am very grateful for the life I have been given because without my brother I don’t think I would have such a great life.  My brother is only two years younger than me but I feel like he will always be my little bro.  The first day I met my brother we had been at the airport, my parents coming home from adopting him from Guatemala and I instantly knew that I would come to love this little boy standing right before my eyes.  We grew up to be best friends, never leaving each others side, never fighting over anything, always playing together and I was so happy to be able to share my life with the best person there is out there.  I am always able to help him out, no matter how many times he gives me a reason to resent him, I would never.  He is still my best friend in the whole wide world and I am sure that every sibling could say that about each other, but I really mean it when I say that I love my brother.  My brother and I have a very strong bond that no one with ever break and no one will ever come between because we know not to let anyone even try.  I will always be there for my brother when he needs me and I know he will  do the same no matter how much we try to distance ourselves or how much we may fight over the years.  I know that I will always have a shoulder to cry on when I need one and he will always have someone to lean on when he needs it.  If my brother decided to move to Mexico and start a family then he can because whatever he decides to do I will be right there next to him and support him the whole way no matter how much it may affect my life.  My brother isn’t just my brother to me, he is my friend and I will cherish every waking moment I have with him and hope that I will always be able to wake up in the morning to hear his snoring or him saying hello to me or on special occasions when he will make us breakfast because those are the most memorable moments I love so much.  Me and my brother are siblings by chance, but friends by choice and I will never forget how much he means to me and how different life would be without him.  These are the things you need to remember next time you are sitting in your room mad at your brother or sister because they were just trying to be like you or just wanted to play with you.  We all need to keep in mind how much our siblings love and care for us, but show it in their own way so lets return the favor.