Mr. Davis

Written By: Scarlett  Delizia

Mr. Davis was growing into middle age…
GOSH he was so successful. Big Money. Big Homes. Big Yacht. Big Helicopter. Big Lifestyle.
And he was living alone, happy.

He installed himself in a comfortable couch…

and smoked a cigar down

in the night…

He opened a confidential envelope, a brunette with a smiling fresh face, long hair fiery until… until oh yes… her bump.
She doesn’t know how to made her living and she so often moved and now finally in one place to call home: Sagaponack.

She didn’t even know her father’s name or her mom’s name.

She was listed in the city directory as Manuela Nobody.

She was shot in the head at the age of twelve in N.Y. while riding a bike in a parking lot when the two cars behind her got into a gunfight.

She was leaving with a bullet in her head.

She was 21 years old.

– You just… You just are the right wife for me.
I just need a wife, no love, no kids,
no dogs, no home sweet home,
just a wife for an important billionaire deal
that I can close just with a wife, for a month.

The moon was full.

– You never heard word one about the wife
of the billionaire Davis, did you?

– I didn’t.

– No, you didn’t because she will be my wife to close the deal with this Crazy Guru…
this psychopath Demon of Loving County Texas that has the leadership and after bye bye!

– Oh, my God, I’m speaking for myself alone.

– No parents. No siblings. No history.

The President of the most important company of United States, the company that can choose the next President choose his wife in this night of full moon.

With the utmost skill and the utmost courtesy.

– She’s like a peanut, tall just one meter and 57 centimeters!
I have to sent her on a shopping expedition.
In all these pictures she wears just t-shirt, jeans and pink flip flops with strass!

– With the money stole from this big deal.
Chow, chow, chow Mr. Davis!
I think insanity run on both sides
of that Davis family: future wife and husband.
You’re right about that, Oh Man.

The Atlantic Ocean…

You jump in the Atlantic in this night

that you feel engaged.

– Chow, chow, chow!

Don’t be shy now, Mr. Davis, you get a wife
to close a deal with the Crazy Guru!

– Cheers! To celebrate I’m drinking the best bottle of Tequila near the fireplace to dry the hair.

The phone rings.

– I see I’ve traipsed right on in and interrupted you.

– Who are you, then?

– Frank Frankly.

– John’s brother?

– Yeah.

– I’ve been looking for you. I feel this Manuela is
the right wife for a month… Folks take me for a serious man…
on account of the good first impression I make,
whereas I think of myself… I have to introduce myself to this “love and terror icon of evil” that controls this deal with a wife.
In this insane Commune I don’t want to participate in group orgies and drug use!
It has been said to me that the wife of this Guru got the nickname “Snake” because of the movements she makes with her hips during sex.
I have to show him that I’ am a serious married man and show the ring!
I don’t want problems, people told me that this guru ordered the women of his community to occasionally have sex with the guests and last time during the meeting one of his “girl-follower” was miming a sex act on him. Disgusting.
This Guru is the devil and I’m here to do the devil’s business.
I give Manuela a chance and I’ll get the job done.

– Together with Manuela I guarantee you that, Mr. Davis.
There’s a feeling that comes over her…
when you are near her.

– Sounds well Frank.

– I don’t know her biblical talking Mr. Davis.

– Come on, what’d she really is like?
Did her smells good?
Come on, fess up, now.
I like you, Frank.

– I like you too, Mr. Davis.

– Well…
You’re just like any other.
You want to spray her on the sandwich.
You may as well quench your mind of it…

– Why?

– Because you don’t have the ingredients, Frank.

– Well, I’m sorry to hear you feel that way Mr. Davis…
as I put such stock in your opinions.
But I also got an appetite for greater candies, like Miss Manuela
but I agree with you… she is not for a simple poor man like me.

– Let me be your sidekick tonight.

– Sidekick?

– So Frank I can examine your grit and intelligence.
I don’t know what it is about you…
but the more you talk,
the more you give me the willies to meet Manuela.
You understand me?

– Well, I’m sorry… Mr. Davis

– Why don’t you just get now for me this Miss Manuela?

– All right.
I saw Manuela just one time in Sag Harbor, she was working with her feet under the table…
and she was laughing…
She was pretty.
She had brown hair like a…
Oh, like something.

– Like rainbows in her hair?

– Yeah. Yeah, like that.

– Boy, you…
You talk good Mr. Davis.

– I learn one word daily in the vocabulary…
otherwise, you know me Frank…
I do my business just with two words: fuck you!

– Well, this girl, she has a real specific job now, being my wife.

– Manuela said she would marry only you Mr. Davis
and then disparate like she watched in TV happens in a David Copperfield show in East Hamptons.

-Just a moment I have to put you on hold,
I have another call.

– Is you?

– Well… Well, John, your brother Frank and I,
we just had a real nice call.
Yes, you know, it’s just a Tequila talking about this Manuela.
Yeah, you know the song…

Building of Mr. Davis – THE HAMPTONS

The phone rings.

– The President of USA on the line for you Mr. Davis.

– Well… I have to take this call.

– My black eyes very penetrating
are never at rest and devil-may-care, Mr. President.

– There’s always a smile on my lips…
When I read my bank account Mr. Davis.

– All right, all right, all right Mr. President. Now just hang up.
The walls have ears at the White House!
You know what I will have right next to my bed soon,
after my pieces of iron, a wife that is a fucking gun for your CRAZY GURU.

– Good for you Mr. Davis.

This little beauty Manuela would be in Texas near me.

Let’s call her NOW.

– Are you scared Manuela?

– No, I’m just surprised a little.

– On Skype you look as succulent as I like,
You are dressed like a Diavolina, are you
going to Halloween parties?

– No, it’s just for you Mr. Davis and I have a basket of chips just made and very hot.

– Mercy, you are a good eating and well, Manuela, I never been that hungry.
I will give you my name in Bridgehampton, you know it?

– Such as?

– Such as Mrs. Davis.

– I will give you my name because I know
you don’t have one.

– All right Mr. Davis, Mrs. Davis sounds well.

– You can stay one month with my name.

– All right. Bye!

– Hey.

– What do you want, Mr. Davis?

– Nothing.
Except to say Mr. Davis wants you

– Well, wooooooooow, 3 millions dollars for 30 days I’m a full-service…


– I’ll have you know that I want you. You are one of my properties for one month.
Is that how they described me to you Frank and John?

– We only met 2 minutes ago Mr. Davis. I just knew your name, your face is in the International newspapers.

– Great! We can hunt some birds together.

– All right, Mr. Davis, or go fishing… your 414 foot make me hot like fish and chips!

– We will get married and then we will be guest of the Crazy Guru, for one month.
You have three days from today to dress up and with the 3 millions on your bank account that you will find today after 2:00 PM
you get better than a Trashy Diavolina’s dress.

– See? You are too a member of Trashy Boutique.

– I don’t mind. Yeah, well, good for you because – Honey – I love trash.

– Sounds like an adventure Mr. Davis.

– Wait, wait a moment, don’t hung up, how you will spend my money?

– I buy a Farm Pigs.

– Ah, Ah, Ah, sounds great in The Hamptons!