Montauk’s Eden Guevara Baradi Celebrates Her 101st Birthday

Written By: Patria Baradi  Pacis


A day of Lobsters, Boats, and Cake


Patria Baradi Pacis


My mom, Eden Guevara Baradi, turned 101 years young last Sunday , June 12. She is the oldest resident

in Montauk and the most active centenarian I know.

How does one top a 100th birthday party you ask?  This year, mom’s birthday happened to fall on a

Sunday, so mom, her younger son, Joe from the Philippines, her two daughters, Perla and Patria and

husband Cam started the celebration by attending the service at the Montauk Community Church

During the Prayers of the People portion, my sister Perla thanked the whole congregation for all their

prayers  and well wishes that got our mom well from her stroke this past winter.


Recently, the Church Board approved the assignment of the Rev. William Hoffman as our new pastor.

Our soon to depart , Rev. Anne Stewart Miller, who will be missed, blessed mom and wished her many

more birthdays to come.  After service, mom was able to personally thank her friends at the Coffee Hour

gathering, where Carlos an Mayela Vargas’ delicious Spanish omelet, salmon and tomato platters,

assorted fruits, homemade pastries, coffee and tea were served by Daz Winter and Christine Herbert.


While waiting for mom’s eldest, son Mauro to arrive from Manhattan by the Hampton Jitney at noon,

I asked her where she would like to have lunch to celebrate her 101.  Mom, without hesitation , said

“I would love to go back to St. Peter’s Catch and eat their delicious Lobster Special Lunch!”  For those

who don’t know our mom,  she wants what she wants when she wants it, so we all catered to her

wishes.  Since we all love lobster, we headed for St. Peter’s .  There , we were met by its friendly,

owner Gene Coleman and his wonderful staff, Patricia and her cousin Audley Wright from Jamaica.

The weather was a bit windy and we were concerned that mom would catch cold, but the staff solved

that problem by moving the picnic table and chairs inside so that we would be comfortable.


Six lunch specials were ordered, each consisting of one and a quarter pound juicy, to-die-for red

lobsters, sweet corn on the cob, slices of lemon, lots of melted butter coleslaw, red potatoes

and a generous amount of delicious mussels.  Our Sunday clothes were saved while cracking the

lobsters, thanks to the aprons and paper towels that were handed to us by Patricia, who sang

“Happy Birthday” to our  Mom.


During lunch, Gene was proud to show us pictures of when he helped build his shop at 58 South Erie

Avenue in 1992.  It was interesting to find out that the land Gene bought was originally used by

President Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Rider soldiers to recuperate from malaria during the

Spanish-American War in 1898.  I found out that the store was named after one of Jesus’ 12

disciples Peter, the fisherman.


After changing to casual clothes and bringing six canvas, foldable directors chairs and my lucky beach

blanket to shoo away bad weather, we all headed for Gosman’s Dock an hour early to get a front –row

parking spot to watch the Blessing of the Fleet at 5:00 p.m.  Father Constantine Lazarakis  of the Greek

Orthodox Church of the Hamptons, the Rev. Michael  J. Rieder of St. Therese Lisieux  in Montauk,  Diane

Wiener  of the Jewish Center of the Hamptons and our Rev.  Anne Stewart Miller of the Montauk

Community Church were all there is full attire and waved to the crowds  from the Coastguard Cutler



It was a perfect way to end mom’s 101st birthday celebration with the whole Montauk Fleet at her feet

to  “ congratulate” her, and many phone calls from loved ones, near and far, who greeted her

throughout the day.  After visiting the Montauk Yacht Club and the annual picture taking of the family in

front of the Montauk Point Lighthouse, mom finally agreed to go home and rest. PHEW! Everyone was

so happy!


My family and I are blessed to still have our mom, alert and healthy. Every waking day is precious!