Montauk, The Beginning

Written By: Paul  Bikoff


By Paul Bikoff


“Let the children remember the sun

Let them dance let them soar

For their lives have begun

Let the children engender the rain

As the river runs through fields

Forever subsiding their pain…”



Written by Corey Hart




Early 1970’s –  and we are booked for Montauk , at  the tip of the South Fork onLong Island.  The brown, boxey , 5- speed with heavy duty clutch,ugly-as-sin  LandCruiser station wagon (yes it was called a stationwagon because S.U.V.’s did not exist) was loaded to the gills. It did have a lot of room  and  with a family of 5 with 3 youngsters we had a ton of stuff.  We rendezvous with sister  and then we head East.


Our 2 vehicles make good time as we pass through theHamptons. I spot Christie Brinkley loading up her wagon inEasthampton. This was a time of no gridlock because  the world’s population had not yet expanded to 6 billion with 5.9999 billion of  them living out East.  Before you  knew it, we had turned ontoOld   Montauk Highway.   We wipe off the drool as we drive by Gurney’s, but we are headed for a fairly low-budget place – The Breakers Motel . No oceanfront view, but the kids weren’t complaining so why should the adults? The motel staff were very friendly and accommodating.  The bungalow that we shared with Junie and Lauren and Stevie was spacious and quite comfortable. The bobwhites were saying hello from the thickets.   Plus there was a  kidney-shaped swimming pool and  shufflebored (yes, I intended to spell it this way) for the monsters…But the kids weren’t monsters…most of the time they were angels…


Gorgeous, sunny morning. Sun-of-a-beach day !  Now the motel is located on the North side ofOld   Montauk Highway. It’s a very long walk for everyone to get down to the shoreline and set up the blankets. So we had to make sure everything, including lunch, was packed.  My wife, Louise is a fabulous packer.  And Junie is an equally incredible packer.

Tuna salad and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grapes, beverages, all the shovels and pails, towels, radio somehow managed to be squeezed into the carrying cases and schlepped to the water’s edge.  It was sort of like a blivot – which everyone knows is a five pound turd in a2 poundbag.  This was a good harbinger of what was to come down the pike in the day’s ahead – Junie’s laundry room off the den.   But I’ll get to that in a later chapter.

A day at the beach was an all day affair. It would just whiz by. Of course, there were seasons when we would have overcast, cool and cloudy weather.  We would still go down to the beach with all the kids to take a walk.  Junie would say : “Allright, give me all the shoes and socks – roll up the pants – AND DON’T GO IN TOO DEEP!  I DON’T WANT ANY WET CLOTHES !!!”  The kids listened for the first 5 minutes …then, forgettaabout it!  Junie never got mad…We would laugh…and laugh… and laugh…

Junie would take a picture of me surrounded by the five monsters. It’s my favorite photo in the world. I ’ve carried  it in my wallet  for ages.


It’s nighttime in the bungalow. The kids have  had all the sand showered off.  They’ve been wined and dined at a delicious restaurant in town. They’re in their pajamas…It’s bedtime and they’re sleepy…Well, maybe not that sleepy…They should be sleepy…

So Stevie and Dan start whispering.  Then Lauren and Rach start in…Then Jay, The Eldest,  pipes in as he’s been known to do…So Junie very calmly says: “Kids, we have a big day planned for tomorrow, so…”  All’s quiet on the eastern front for a few minutes, then 2 of them  start up again with the other 3 not far behind.  Junie now  with a slight

Uptick in  her voice ; “Do I have to come in there?!”…Complete silence for 5 minutes.

Then  a different 2 start up again… Junie, totally in command of the situation, graciously offers  in a booming voice:    “GO TO  BED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  That always worked…