Mayor of Georgica Beach

Written By: Steven  Ludsin

I began coming out to the Hamptons after I graduated Cornell thanks to a classmate who had a family home in Montauk. I grew up in New Jersey and was very impressed with the fact that the Hamptons didn’t have boardwalks or salt water taffy. I convinced my friend to go to Amagansett and discovered the fun in the sun at Atlantic Beach and the evenings at the disco that was housed in the building last occupied by Pacific East near the fire station. Alas that is now an empty space but filled with great memories. Essentially I fell in love with the East End and ultimately lucked out by getting a home I bought out of a foreclosure sale. Indeed the day I moved in I had to persuade a local handyman to follow me home to my new abode to help me activate the electrical system and water and other basics. It was his day off but he came anyway. That gesture set the tone for the rest of my wonderful life in East Hampton. Although it is a weekend getaway from New York City, I was able to start telecommuting every summer starting in 1984. I remember sitting on the deck overlooking Three Mile Harbor and working on my computer with a rather long extension cord and phone wire. A friend from college noticed me when he docked nearby and marveled at my setup. It turns out he was the nephew of the late Tony Duke who created so much joy at the Boys Harbor camp on the Three Mile Harbor and the great fireworks benefits too. He invited me to a shoot at the Maidstone Gun Club that upcoming Thanksgiving and naturally I attended. I even got a piece of the bird which was an achievement considering that I had never done the sport before. So you may ask what does that have to do with Georgica Beach? Good question. Essentially I have found a place in the world that I never tire of and feel that my life is exponentially better just by being there. I found a wonderful handmade folding table that has become my office. I even have a folding table with benches I found online in the event that I have a high level meeting in this moveable conference room. I am an extrovert so the moniker of Mayor of Georgica Beach became an apt description of my role. I am involved in politics being the Mayor and an extrovert so you can imagine my thrill when I was able to interact with President Bill Clinton and possible next President Hillary Rodham Clinton who spent 3 summers at the impressive oceanfront home at Georgica Beach. Of all the beaches for them to choose, it was Georgica Beach that they were also captivated by thanks to the timeless beauty of the vistas that seem infinite. I use a windscreen on the days that make it chilly and fortunately an observant beachgoer recognized that windscreen and asked if I would like his. Naturally I said of course and how much? He said it’s yours for free. So now I have my table and windscreen and extra beach chairs and towels to accommodate my constituents. I also had the good fortune to be the featured guitar player at a weekly picnic we had for about 13 summers. When I first started I was grieving my father’s death and I used to look forward to those nights just to work through the pain. It worked and I frequently remind myself how lucky I have been to spend quality time contently reading and schmoozing at Georgica Beach. There have been hurricanes and floods and somehow the beach restores itself. I became the go-to person to report the state of the shoreline and of course my weather predictions. I learned that there is a balance to the weather too. If June is particularly dismal, September will be inordinately perfect with sun and low humidity. I have been known to bring sweaters and jackets and anything else I can to enjoy the late fall or early spring at the beach. I admire the surfers with their wetsuits and I understand their need to keep riding those waves. The incessant waves along the shore remind us of their eternal nature and timelessness. On the other hand I am reminded that someday I won’t be physically able to navigate the beach but I promise I will sit on the edge of the parking lot to keep that vista in my sights. I understand why people have their ashes dropped into the ocean for their eternal rest. Nevertheless I expect to live many more years and I know that being the Jonathan Livingston Seagull of that environment has added years to my life. So if you see a smiling man at a table as you enter the parking lot come over and say hello and be sure to reelect me your Mayor.