Main Street

Written By: Marsha  Shainwald

Main   Street

By Marsha Shainwald


If you think this title refers to anything “regular”, well, read on.

My first experience in this comfortable, beautiful home was joyous.

While it is true that “joy” might be an emotion experienced by many, the circumstances that intimated this were special.

I had adopted my daughter, two months earlier. My parents fell in love with her, immediately. (I had fallen in love when viewing the video).

But, that is another story, not necessarily “referring to theEast End”, per se.  Anyway, the first of many big celebrations was held at this spacious, inviting home. The backyard was extraordinary, as it always will be. Although many homes onMain Streetdo not have an “ocean view”, one can sense the ever presence of the sea. Southamptonhas that feeling, even when one is shopping for jewels, or buying an item at Rite Aide. There is something very “healing” about this town.

That being said, the landscape of my parents’ home was the ultimate place to have the “meet my baby” celebration.  The quintessential early autumn day (October 3) felt more like an “Indian summer”.  Friends and relatives arrived and were immediately amazed when they met my daughter. Here was this beautiful, bright, sweet child, who was now the “favorite” among all of us.  The expansive lawn, with just the right amount of shade, from the sturdy trees, allowed the young children to run around, unencumbered. Meanwhile, the large “patio” had plenty of room for tables and a band. The sweet sounds of jazz, permeated without penetrating the party. It almost was akin to “The Great Gatsby, sans the pretention. There was a sensation that time was moving at a slower pace.  Although some of the guests were strangers to one another, there was a feeling of “synchronicity”.

The “ocean air” coupled with this extraordinary ambience cured whatever “issues” anyone may have had.

Showing off my baby, I felt joy and a small sense of smugness. After all, no one had a cuter, smarter, child than I.  More than that, I was exuberant to have finally become a mom, and this little girl really felt like she was meant to be with me. The guests seemed to be in awe also.  My dad was particularly in love, and could not stop saying “what a wonderful child this girl is…” He always made “speeches” at important, family events, and this was no exception. He talked about how happy he was to be the grandfather of this lovely child. He also mentioned my literal journey, “halfway around the world”.  The ultimate “American” shopping trip with my mom, introducing the concept of “charge it”, was also incorporated into his speech. (A girl needs to start young, yes?

My experience has been the “ultimate” joy” for which will always be grateful. We visitSouthamptonduring the summer.  Despite the fact that my dad passed away nine years ago, the house still holds a feeling of magic and love.  We miss him and his loving way with my daughter, along with his celebratory speeches. But, this “Main   Street” home will always contain the joy and sense of love which all began on that beautiful day.