Written By: Andrew  Racz
The People Behind Madoff Also Wanted THE WHITE HOUSE  
My Personal Tragedy is Purely Coincidental


By Andrew Racz

What we call the Madoff  Story was not the story of Madoff.  People who knew Madoff – worked with Madoff, gave him money – also acquired enormous sums of money . These accidental financial tycoons then created havoc in  peoples’ lives.  The money  created hedge funds  and bought a state, a legitimate state of the United States of America-New Mexico with the intent of controlling the White House. The money went to  an ex-convict who financed Governor Richardson in his run to become President.  If in 2008, the American people didn’t want to elect an African-American or a woman, William Richardson could have become President of theUnited States.


White House could then have been governed by a loose  Madoff syndicate .





Eddie Gilbert, Eugene Wolkoff, Esquire, Fred Kolber

and Ed Berman did not move to New Mexico to enjoy  the sunshine .  They did not come to New Mexico for their golden retirement.


Rather Eddie Gilbert and Eugene Wolkoff moved to New Mexico with strong ties to the Madoff crowd.  The money came from the East and settled in Santa Fe.  Periodically Mr. Wolkoff crossed state lines and committed civil crimes and engaged in illegal monetary transactions and destroyed my family life.


Whatever way one looks at it , the money moved from Madoff’s circle to New Mexico.  The upshot of this gigantic money transfer was that  Governor William Richardson was financed by this Madoff crowd who attempted to make him President of the United States.


My book basically talks about an untold and to some extent, unsolved crime.  It describes a syndicate loosely tied to Madoff which exists inAmericaand which  placed large sums in individual hands in order to hide the  crime.  The original crime is the biggest theft  inAmericaand certainly on the East End of Long Island.


The Outline of a Conspiracy

The Madoff crime was sold to the American public as a simple theft.  There were a whole series of so-called finders who were paid enormous fees and  many more individuals usually in plush Jewish clubs in Florida, Manhattan and the Hamptons  who gave their money to Madoff who executed certain sets of transactions , called the Ponzi Scheme and at the very end he ran out of money and surrendered to the authorities.


My name is Andrew Racz.  I am Hungarian born,Cambridgeeducated investment banker.   I traveled widely before immigrating to American at the age of 25.  I spent a great deal of time in Johannesburg,   I made money during that time by publishing  two articles which paid my tuition  at Cambridge – the interview of Frau Paula Wolf, the sister of Adolph Hitler, and the interview of  President Tshombe of Katanga who wanted to take his province out of the Belgian Congo.


This story began in mid-1990 when a totally unaccomplished attorney, Eugene Wolkoff, stood next to the managing partner of a small brokerage firm of Bishop Rosen where I was director of research.  Mr. Schlesinger told me that Mr. Wolkoff was the attorney for my former wife  in an alimony dispute with me and that  he also opened a large brokerage account that day at the firm jointly with the largest client of the firm Fred Kolber .



I discovered that Mr. Wolkoff  was tied to a company on Madison Avenue called Empire National whose principal officers were Wolkoff and  his client, Fred Kolber, a large option trader, a major client of Bishop Rosen a personal friend of Mr. Schlesinger. Mr. Kolber, actually, under the name of Greenwich Options, rented space from a company called Fairfield Greenwich whose senior partner was a  man called Jeffrey Tucker. The two companies merged and Tucker and Kolber became partners.