Life of A Local

Written By: Lizzy  Goldstein

When most people hear the words “The Hamptons”, they immediately think of summer, the beach, parties, the expensive pricing of everything and of course the wealthy residents that reside within. To me though, a year round local, it means something entirely different. When I think of the Hamptons, I think of success, opportunities, relationships made, and of course memories that bring me back to the many summers I spent over the years in East Hampton. From sunny days spent at Main Beach as a child, where I was determined to become the next best surfer on long island, to warm nights spent at the Regal Cinema movie theater in East Hampton begging my mother to take me to yet another R-rated comedy that had the same plotline as the twenty or so others she’d been forced to accompany me too. Who could forget spending a summer at Stony Hill Stables enjoying all the fun activities their Pony Camp had to offer? Now as a twenty- one-year-old dog trainer, I sit writing this piece thinking about how in love I am with the Hamptons after spending nearly every summer and the past 4 years of my life here. A community so close-knit where everyone knows everybody, yet there is little to no resistant when help is called for. Facebook groups such as Bonac Pets, which is dedicated to helping, find lost pets, finding old pets new homes and so much more works so fast in their attempt to help all those that post in the forum and I am so glad to know if I were ever in need of help, I could count on them. Along with being so heavily involved in the animal world, take all the shelters out here for example like Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, the Hamptons expands itself to the arts, to music, as well as the wonderful equine world. Never in my life have I seen so many art shows and concerts popping up almost every weekend so close together and I tell myself every weekend I am going to go to at least one. How about the many horse farms that surround just the Hamptons alone? Diversity it seems is the biggest and most wonderful thing about the Hamptons in my opinion at least. Farm stands ranging from Montauk to Southampton that offer delicious fruits and vegetables, stables such as Wolffer Estate Stables, Topping Riding Club and Campbell Stables that offer up the opportunity to learn how to ride, board your horse, experience the wonder that is showing at the local shows or beyond, our own showground’s right smack in the heart of Bridgehampton, and farms upon farms that show us every season just how important farming and agriculture is to our survival. Not to say that the nightlife of the Hamptons is non-existent. Stop in to Club Philippe, which spent this summer on three-mile harbor road playing host to many twenty something, men and woman looking to dance and drink their worries away. How about 1Oak in Southampton that has played host to many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lindsey Lohan? Looking for something more low-key? Try one of the local restaurants and bars that grace each town with their presence, and delicious food such as The Blue Parrot in East Hampton which makes some pretty great margaritas and is a popular joint on the weekends. Into sports? Try Indian Wells Tavern in Amagansett where you can catch pretty much every sport on TV while sipping on a beer and munching away at their buffalo wings and if you’re a football fan like me, you’ll be stopping in there frequently to catch the games. To get to the point, the Hamptons are so much more than just a party scene every summer where you can flock to and drink and hook up all night long. We stand together as a community that prays every winter we don’t receive the fury of Jack Frost that seemed to be thrown down upon us this last winter and curses out the out of town people that show up every summer with the mindset of taking over the Hamptons forgetting those that live year round and work hard. So next time you hear the words “The Hamptons” I hope you’ll think about everything we have to offer other than parties and maybe, just maybe, if your brave enough, you’ll spend a winter with us.

Yours Truly,

The Life of a Local