Just Another Hamptons Day

Written By: Lester Paul  Halper

Just Another Hamptons Day

By Les Paul

  There is nothing more relaxing than a beautiful spring day in theHamptonsaway from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. Unlike the summer, spring is relatively quiet in theHamptons, no over flowing roads or sidewalks, just tranquility.


My daughters and I arrived late Friday night after school and work, just in time for bed. On our tedious drive out the girls sat in the back of my SUV busily planning our itinerary, shopping, galleries, more shopping, lunch and of course the beach, maybe even some bowling or a movie.


My daughters have very different personalities. Kayla is twelve and enjoys being the center of attention. She would love to be an actress and singer one day but is just too lazy to make it happen. My daughter Emily who is fourteen is introverted and anything but lazy. She has always been full of energy, maybe a little too much. Surprisingly, Emily somehow has the uncanny ability to get herself into calamities that draw attention to her.


Saturday morning my daughters came into my room all dressed and eager to start their day. I opened one eye, looked at them, then the clock, and closed it again. There was no way I was getting up at6:42 a.m., no, no, no. I had my own plans that included staying in bed for a couple more hours and then have a nice leisurely breakfast at home. Unfortunately, it was only a short-lived dream, because my daughters had their own plans, which included literally rolling me out of bed. I have learned over the years you can never argue with a women and the same holds true for my teenage daughters.


With my eyes barely open, I walk into the bathroom, turned on the shower only to discover that my daughters had used up all the hot water. I never understood how they could deplete a sixty-gallon tank, but somehow they mastered the art. I took my three-minute cold shower and got out to discover a hand towel in place of my bath towel. Did I forget to mention the correlation between the amount of water and towels that my daughters use? My girls go through on average five towels a day. Do not ask me how this happens,….it just does.


Cold and wet I leave the bathroom to be greeted by my daughters agitated faces, clearly disturbed by my tardiness. “Dad,.…it’s time to go”! I protested, “I’m cold, wet and hungry.” My daughters were quick to point out the benefits of taking a cold shower. “Dad, now that you are wide-awake you can focus better on your driving”. Emily quickly added, “And your shirt matches your blue face.” Again, I caviled, “I need breakfast.”” No you don’t dad, remember your diet.”  ” I’m not on a diet”, I objected, clearly falling on deaf ears.


As a single father, I was used to preparing for the unexpected. When my girls were younger, my friends would tease me because of all the things I kept in my car trunk. Yes, I had contingency plans to meet any disaster, extra shoes, clothing, medicine, bandages, a cooler, toys, and of course lots of snack foods. Now that my girls were older, I had finally weaned myself off overloading my car. Armed with just bathing suites and towels, I thought this was clearly going to be an uneventful day.


Our first stop was Whites Pharmacy so that my daughters could use the five-dollar gift cards they received the year before. We arrived at7:38 a.m.only to discover that they were wisely catching a few extra Z’s. We walked downMain Streetbriefly stopping in front of Ralph Lauren, Elie Tahari, so that my daughters could peruse their windows. We made our way to Vered’s Gallery and then Khanh’s Sports, both closed, as was pretty much everything else in town at this ungodly hour, with the exception of Starbucks, from which my daughters quickly ushered me away, reminding me of my diet, as I futilely objected.


My daughter decided that we should go to the East Hampton Village Nature Trail onDavid   Road. Surely, that would not be closed. It was8:12 a.m.when we arrived at the pond. The sky was clear and blue with a crisp breeze carrying the sweet flowery smells of spring. The sunrays made it feel warmer than the 68 degrees it actually was. Surprisingly, the park was hopping with people. I guess I am not the only crazy person who gets up at a godforsaken hour on Saturday, a day of rest, my day of rest, to roaming the byways ofEast Hampton.