Jake And The Little House In The Cat Tails

Written By: Paula  Cardozo

Jake                                                                            Jake’s House in the Cat tails


Jake and the Little House in the Cat Tails

By Paula Cardozo I’m Jake.  I’m a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier.  About four years ago, my human, Vincent decided to move us out here to the Moriches to a house surrounded by the bay and cattails.  It was far from my old house.  He was excited about having his own place and told me how I would love it.  I hated it at first and the thought of moving from my comfortable house in Amityville where I grew up to this foreign land was awful. I didn’t want to go.

That first week, Vincent would leave for work and I was pissed!  I was so pissed I pissed on everything!  When Vincent came home in the evening, he wasn’t happy about how bad I was.  He told me that I would love it here.  He opened the back door and let me out in to the cattails… they were so tall I could hideout in them, I heard a noise and wow! OMG! There was a family of deer staring at me; a mommy deer and 2 little deer as big as me!  I had never seen such beautiful brothers that close!  I got a little frightened and ran back to my house where Vincent was taking a shower outside, I joined him it was nice to shower on our deck.  It was late in the day but we decided to take a walk down the block to the bay.  I heard Vincent call it the “Great South Bay”.  When we got there I looked out and saw a most magnificent puddle of water as far as I could see!  I went to take a drink and boy was it salty! I walked into the warm water and saw boats like Vincent and I have speeding across the bay, I went in and started to swim!  This was nice!  The sun was setting and Vincent said we should get home…I walked up on the beach and saw a very strange crab; Vincent said it was a Horseshoe crab. I didn’t get too close –I remembered once what a Blue Claw crab did to my nose!

The next day we went out on the bay, on Vincent’s boat to a Place he calledShinnecockCanalinHamptonbays.  There were a lot of boats there. Vincent met some guy that caught a lot of fish from his boat. We bought some for our dinner. I walked along the dock and saw all kinds of boats and fish that the men on the boats had caught.  We left and got back in the boat to go to our house, we travelled over a lot of water.  The land on the other side looked far away; Vincent said we would go over there soon. He called it Dune rd. He said there was a beautiful beach on the other side called the ocean.  It looked too far for me to swim.  When we got home Vincent fired up the grill to cook our fish, and I ran off into the cattails again.  Where are you?  I wondered looking for my deer friends. They were nowhere around…I ran out back in the cattails and heard a snapping sound.  Snap, Snap, it was a huge snapping turtle almost as big as me, and snapping at me.  Vincent had told me once before never to go near these guys. I ran back to our house a fast as I could. Panting and tired, I got back to our deck just in time for grilled flounder.  Vincent set a plate for me and gave me some yummy fish that we got right form the fisherman.  He also had some clams which he grilled as well and sprinkled them with lemon.  He gave me 2 and they were really good. He made something called “smore’s” and they were sweet, I liked them and wanted more!   Vincent was sitting down and resting, he put his glass down on the deck, and I ran to take a sip…whoa! What is this?  Vincent yelled  “hey-get out of my Beer!!!”  I sipped itand  It didn’t taste bad! I wanted another slurp.