Is Romace still alive on The East End in 2017?

Written By: Mary Wilson

“Would you like a ride on my Yacht?” he asked. She replied, “I’m not really a boat person.” He responded, “I didn’t say anything about a boat – I asked you if you would like a ride on a yacht.” “Is there a difference?” she asked. The difference between a boat and a yacht is similar to the difference between a boy and a man. Oh – “if you put it that way – then sure!”

After the stern line and bow line and spring lines were released, I felt the gentle wind across my face. I was glad I wore my sunglasses. I sat across from the Captain’s chair at the helm. Music from the Beatles and Billy Joel was playing while the conversation flowed easily. This was a date. When the yacht slowed to a stop in the Peconic Bay, Mimosas were served with Veuve Clicquot.

The bay glistened in the afternoon light. I had not been out on the water like this in years. I started to appreciate the beauty of Long Island as the summer of 2017 started. With a sip of the orange colored Mimosa I found myself enjoying the company of the man I was earlier introduced to by a family member. We made plans to go out to dinner, to socialize and to take another ride on the yacht.

The vocabulary associated with a boat, or a yacht for that matter, was a bit intimidating.
All of a sudden…the kitchen is a galley, the bathroom a head, there was a hull and a bilge and a transom. Left is the Port side. Right is the Starboard side. Who would have thought? These are the things they don’t teach you in school – even if you have a Masters or higher degree. I decided right there and then, if I was going to enjoy the summer, I would have to learn the language.

Enjoying the summer was easy. We visited Il Giardino’s and Phil’s Waterfront Bar & Grill in Aquebogue. Both restaurants were packed but we were seated almost as soon as we arrived. I guess someone knew someone. As the summer progressed we had a late dinner at Star Boggs in West Hampton. Interesting people out and about I thought to myself. It was easy to spot a famous person here and there at the bar. Another night we savored the taste of lobster and steak while watching the sunset at Duryea’s. The dates were getting better each night.

The Romance started in the planning phase of each date. Yes, the difference between a boy and a man is that a man knows how to treat a woman. He has the ability to make a reservation, how to dress up for dinner and knows how to turn off his phone and talk. He holds the door for his date. He is attentive and laughs when appropriate. He takes control. He gets himself and his date home safely.

For me, I very much wanted to epitomize the loveliness of being a lady. I thought of myself as a character in a fairytale. I put a dress on each night. I applied just a little bit of makeup. I used the Jimmy Choo perfume that I received as one of my first gifts from my new boyfriend. As each date started, I turned off my phone and listened and participated in the conversation. It is in the back and forth of uninterrupted conversation that one really gets to know another. I soon learned that by giving someone you are falling in love with all the attention – satisfaction is returned with a kiss. Etiquette in dating may be something of an old fashion idea, but can be reinvented in our modern society with all of its impetus.

The power of making each other feel young, happy and excited is magic. We tried fun things together: couples massages at the spa in Montauk Yacht Club, skinny dipping in the moonlight and sand massages on the warm beach of the North Shore. We wrote love letters, texted with poetry and longed for each other when we were not together. We travelled by Southwest to be with each other. We toasted with Wine, Champagne and Prosecco. We enjoyed brie cheese and fruit. We walked hand in hand down Love Lane in Mattituck. We shopped in the little boutiques. We made memories.

One of the most memorable romantic nights was looking up at the sky and viewing the blending of the anchor lights with the constellations. The smell of salt water and hint of a summer breeze enhanced pleasant sensations. Wrapped in a warm hug, I heard the words…I Love You.

Another romantic adventure was leaving the yacht on a dingy and exploring Coecles Harbor. Getting away in a small vessel feels like eloping! We explored the coast with suntan lotion applied, wet hair and sandy feet. Together we admired the summer homes seen from the harbor. We imagined the people who occupied the homes. Some homes were filled with generations of the same family. Others were filled with newcomers. On the shore we each picked up a shell to remember our get away. Mine, a grey scallop shell, rests on my counter reminding me of one of the happiest times in my life.

As the summer progressed, we took yet another ride on the Yacht. This time we passed Robin’s Island, Shelter Island and Montauk. We headed toward Nantucket. As we travelled away from Long Island, we realized how much fun we had on the North Fork. Romance has intrigued us through the centuries. Romance can bloom if the foundation is viable. The East End of Long Island is a perfect dwelling to allow summer romance to culminate.

There is a difference between a boat and a yacht. There is a difference between a boy and a man. There is a difference between summer love on Long island and summer love anywhere else.