I met my Dead Mother in Westhampton Beach

Written By: Grace  Moulder

Losing a parent is never easy. My mother passed unexpectedly. I was in my early 30’s pregnant with my first child and thought my mother would be around for it all. My 2 sisters, brother and I were devastated. We didn’t see it coming.


When something jolting occurs in our lives, many times we begin to examine areas of our life that we never looked at before and we desire understanding of the deeper meaning of life. We examine possibilities of God, the afterlife, our purpose. Some of the strange happenings around my mom’s death were the impetus to look even deeper.


One occurrence was we kept seeing 11’s. My sister, sister-in-law and I were bombarded with them. We would get into the car it would be 11:11. We would wake up in the middle of the night 1:11. We would walk into a room with many clocks, they would all turn to 11:11. It happened so much that we couldn’t ignore it.


Another happening surrounding my Mom’s death was the reaction of my cat. I was sitting on a love seat in my living room when my cat sat on the floor by my feet and stared above my head with her eyes wide open. Then she jumped on the seat with me and starting swatting over my head. There was nothing there. Her eyes were bulging. It was so odd, I called my husband in to see her. It was right then that we got the call that my mother had just passed.


This was the beginning of my spiritual journey. I started to pray, meditate and open myself up to the spiritual realm. I was open to possibilities. During that time we were living in Nassau County. The East End was a treat for us. We would vacation in Montauk, we rented a house for the summer one year in Hampton Bays. When we decided to move out of New York, that was a huge decision. There is no place like New York, especially the East End. We were leaving our roots. My Mother never would have moved out of NY. I was feeling guilty about this big change. I prayed for a sign that my Mom would be happy with our decision.


Very soon after our move, we came back Long Island to visit my sister-in-law and her husband. They were then living in East Moriches. They loved Westhampton Beach and we would go there whenever we visited. But this was in the Fall. The weather was a bit cooler than usual and that particular day was cloudy and looked like rain. We went anyway just to walk in the sand. No one was there. The parking lot was empty. We did not see a soul. My husband, children and sister-in-law went down to the water when a woman came up to me. Just like the stories about angels appearing, she was suddenly there. Her resemblance to my Mom was uncanny. It was like my mother was standing in front of me. She talked about it being a cold day for the beach and how others might think she was nuts to walk on the beach in such weather, but she loved it. She looked me right in the eye and said “we must follow our heart’s desire. We cannot worry about what others think of our decisions. We each have our own journey”. She smiled and walked off.


My family did see her from a distance. But then she was gone. I looked up and down the beach for her, but she wasn’t there. I have heard stories like that of an angel appearing to assist someone and then they disappear. That’s what this was like. My mother came down to give me some advice, to let me know it was right to follow my heart and that her spirit was still nearby.


There were certain expectations I had of the East End. I expected beautiful beaches, fun vacations, wonderful restaurants and interesting shops. But I could not have imagined the gift I received that still holds a special place in my heart – bumping into my Dead Mom on the sands of Westhampton Beach.