Hands Miles Away, Hearts Inches Away

Written By: Teddy Abularach

It was a sad day. My whole family was bummed, but I was the most heartbroken. My dearest friend had left. Ever since we became best friends, we knew we were going to be BFFs for a long time. He had moved to San Francisco, while I was stuck in NYC. However, I knew I was going to see him again.

Here we were! His house in Southampton! As I got out of the car, I hugged him tightly. We were celebrating, full of happiness in our hearts. After a long celebration, we went inside so he could show me the house. After that we went swimming. Then we played foosball together. Shortly after that we showered and went to bed.

The bus pulled in right outside our driveway. Me, my friend, and his brother Levi, were all going to Southampton Day Camp. As I sat down, I buckled my seatbelt with a Click! Then we started driving. When we finally got there, this counselor took Levi to his group while the Division Leader named Max told us we would meet our group at one of the gaga pits every morning. We met one of our counselors, Matt. The other counselor was sick (His name was also Matt).

The first day was great. I did not expect there to be a train that took campers around the campus. I didn’t ride it that day. When I first saw the pool, I underestimated it a lot. Since it was only five feet deep, I thought it would be kind of easy to swim in it. I was so wrong. Overall, the day at camp was pretty good.

On Tuesday, we got home from camp to hear his mom Jenna tell us to jump into the pool and find her lost earring. She thought it might be in the pool so we hopped in and could not find it. His mom was really sad that day. The next day, when we got out of the bus, Jenna was in her swimsuit. My friend asked his mom if she found the earring. She said that she had not.

Do you know what? Everything you read was based on true things that actually happened. My friend’s mom did lose her earring. I did go to Southampton Day Camp with my friend and Levi, his brother. Here’s the story: Since we hadn’t seen each other in a while, our families decided I would spend a week going to camp with my friend. The plan was that some nights I would sleep at my family’s own beach house in Westhampton, while some nights I would sleep at my friend’s house. Suddenly, something happened that messed up the whole plan. There was a big flood. I ended up sleeping at his house in Southampton. If the flood had not happened, we would not have had these great memories. We might not had even written this story.

The Hamptons have made us so many memories. The flood that wrecked my family’s beach house. It was a bad thing, but it had some good sides. The time when my friend slept over at my family’s house. All the memories of me staying at my friend’s beach house for four days without my family. So many memories have been created in the Hamptons.

The Hamptons seems like a sanctuary of happiness to me. A paradise of joy and smiles. The king of memories is the Hamptons itself. All these memories that have been created in the Hamptons lit my world up. I will not forget these memories forever.

Although, you know what? Everyone has a place where so many memories have been created before. A sanctuary of happiness. A paradise of joy and smiles. Their king of memories. The memories that lighten up our world.

The End!