Hampton’s My Utopia

Written By: Sandra Senzon

The Hampton’s my Utopia By Sandra Senzon It was 19 years ago, when I moved to Southampton. I inherited $28,000.00 and went shopping for a home. Reason for having my home was due to having problems with men. I lost a home in divorce, my ex-husband left me without a cent and my house went into foreclosure. I swore to myself I would do it alone and gain back the Karma I deserved. So I shopped for a home; and found this house nestled in the woods in Noyac. The agent took me to look at the house and I said, why are you taking me here? She said just throw a bid in; and so I did. I bid way below, and to my surprise I got it. I scurried to the brokers and got so scared; because I did lose a house before and memory stayed with me. But I lowered the priced two more times and couldn’t turn it away. I got my house at a steal $160,000 furnished; and it came with a pool. It was also owned by a famous artist Glass blower; name omitted. In the nineteen years of ownership, I re-built it . Knocking out walls and learning to work with contractors (which isn’t easy, a women alone.) I had one contractor almost set my house in flames while leaning over the stove he protected with a plastic cover, that melted on the new glass stove. I found that many of these contractors take on many jobs and if you learn patients you can go through it and it gets done. I had a women frame the property with day lilies ; but the deer were having too much fun eating the lilies . But, to my surprise she built me a pond. And now Mr. Big a huge Koi lives there with his fellow Koi friends. My house has been a beautiful Art Painting for me, which grew into great value. Couldn’t have earned that much in a lifetime. I bought the home for $160,000 furnished and it is now worth near one million My experiences as a home owner helped me grow as a women. I enjoy the peace of the country. Yes, I sometimes feel alone but when I have a houseful of company, I loose my serenity. I am learning to select my guests. Aloneness Is interesting. I enjoy the peace and serenity but feel I should be sharing it. Trying to find my real truth is a challenge. I think that the right people can add to your serenity but you must weed out the annoying. How do you judge the right people and what do Hampton owners expect from their guests? I expect courtesy and appreciation. I work hard on keeping my house beautiful, do my own landscaping, blowing of leaves, even cutting branches. A small gesture gift would be welcomed when guests arrive to show appreciation. Helping me clean and preparing food , is another. I have had some wonderful guests and even the ones who weren’t soon learned my needs. There is an energy here that is so different from Manhattan. I live in Manhattan and Southampton. I love letting go here and relaxing. It is my Oasis. Still cannot figure out why I haven’t met my dream man. I am still beautiful at my age; and even Oprah had me on her television show for an exception on how I look. Its not even how I look but as a perfectionist I think I would want to date me. I think deep down I am shy; you never really get away from messages your parents laid down inside you subconscious. Should I go to a bar? I say to myself? I would rather watch T.V. and listen to the sounds of the pool and Water Fall. I work so hard and challenge myself all week that being in the East End is such a pleasure. Will the universe just bring me a partner? It would be wonderful, if the doo bell rang and it was my Prince. I have gone out with so many womanizers it scares me. I wondered to myself, why I attract that sort of man. Is it because they are charming or is it because I am afraid of the right man? I think it is because my Father was a womanizer and because most of them are charming. Another reason, can be is because they also are attracted to nice looking women and the good guys just blend in the background. Maybe, if I came out of my shell I could be the magnetic force that attracts the right person. Sleeping Beauty may still come alive one day, and find her Prince. My house has so much great energy it helped me get into writing. I had two books published; me a dyslexic! Can you imagine? It took three years and a great editor to help me. Now, it is translated into every language and in almost every library. I realized that my Ego stays in contact with achievements and that is why I want to achieve even more. I love the challenge that life beholds. You can do and be anything you want. As a divorced women with two small children, I raised them practically alone, with little child support , put myself through college. And now at this age I still can turn heads. I am not saying this with EGO I am saying this with inner strength and courage, as an example to other women. The east end has helped me to breathe; I live in Yoga ; So many of us go to Yoga Classes but I realized you must live with Yoga. Yoga teaches breathing, so when stress occurs, I stop breathe, and let go. Breathing in the charm and serenity of the East End. Life is a Jewel to behold, and even the negative that I endured in the past has helped me today. –End–