Garden Of Love

Written By: Sandra  Senzon


My story is a pattern and the poem I wrote this week exemplifies my emotions now in the Hamptons.

I wrote this poem to a man I was in Love with. Many people told me I was supposed to be with him as a Soul Mate so I bought the home in the Hampton’s ( a dream home) and thus the poem starts:

Garden Of Love

I have a garden and planted it with seeds

The seeds of love

Some sproutd but I just left them

Stand alone

Alone to sit and add beauty to my life

Special Seeds were planted with your name attached

I spread them in my garden to watch

Them grow

They moved in all directions

And no flowers showed

The essence was there but the

Flowers were bare

Sometimes it takes more

I watered the seeds

I nurtured them home

But to my despair nothing arose

Not a Petal nor a leaf

So I left the seeds alone and

Accepted that they don’t want to

Grow in my Garden of Love

My children visit, friends appear and disappear, and now I am looking for that special seed to plant in the Garden Of Love to share the beauty of the Hamptons.

I re-built the home in the Hamptons owned by Dale Chihuley . It was a gift from the Higher Power. With little money I was able to take the great bones it had and build on it. Now, it has the beauty it deserves. The only thing missing is the seed that needs to be planted in the garden of Love.

How lonely the Hampton’s can be without that special person to share all the beauty. At times I can take it all in but its so much better to share. It was easy and I must say contractors In the Hampton can be a bit much. But you get through it all and in the end it is a cherished work of art.

The beauty in the Hampton’s lends itself to the arts. And so, I became a writer. Never wrote a book before and living here with the calm and beauty helped me to write about my career. Yes, I had two books published. There is a serenity and light that uplifts the spirit and enables one to write.

When I said that some of the seeds sprouted and I left them alone; is that I always felt the need to have the greatest love. I sometimes say to myself what Is Love? We are all about energy and the energy I get when I am in Love is something unexplainable. It is the higher essence of life. It enables one to breathe freer, eat better and enjoy life fuller.

Pre-meditated love has never been for me. I had many men with large wallets try to date me. One recently asked if I still have long Silky hair. Ugh! At this age “I am still asked if I have Long Silky Hair” what about knowing the inner beauty of a person., I say to myself.

In this world of ordinary people I am glad there is you. Yes, he is extraordinary and most important a commitment phoebe. Fears one has Cannot be explained and I cannot change in another person.

The seeds of that are planted in my Garden Of Love are still there and the seed I planted in his name will never bloom but did have a purpose. The purpose was to show that there is a need for the energy of Love in the Hampton’s I can dine alone, go to the beach alone but most important need to share with that special Seed Of Love that the Higher Power will Plant for Me. Surprising, I will plant it and watch it grow into the most beautiful flower In my Garden of Love.; an eternal Flower.