From Los Angeles California to The East End of Long Island

Written By: Tara  O'Shea

Having lived in Los Angeles since the age of fifteen and pursuing a acting career all of my adult life there and having some success in film and television and tired of waiting tables and bartending in nightclubs, I decided to pack up my belongings and my three cats and move to a town called Riverhead so I could get out of the rat race, have some peace, and quite and be closer to my family. I had visited my father here before and been bicoastal all my life, but my picture perfect plan and my storybook romance with the East end of Long Island has been quit interesting to say the least, from the Hamptons to The Northfork and in every town there is a small town but not in L.A.

Today I’m standing in one of the largest grocery chains in The United States of America in Riverhead Serving samples of food today I’m serving Apriums a hybrid from California, of an Apricot and a plum together very ironic but used my acting skills to get by. Which by the way, have come in handy doing community theatre in Mattituck, Southampton and Greenport all very successful plays! I just had to get my feet wet with some real theatre!

I’m told this is a part time position and I need the money. I have not yet signed any w2 forms as it is to be done on the internet, meanwhile it is my fifth day of work? The girl next to me is promoting WISk a laundry detergent, and if I could put her in a T.V. commercial she would be the one! People thought there were cameras and we were actually filming? In Riverhead I thought yes why not?

She was fully loaded with a load cute voice, ” Can your laundry detergent handle the funk” “Wisk deep cleanse and goes beyond surface stains penetrating deep inside fabric fibers with patented Micro-Cleaners.”

“To attack and help remove hidden body oils and sweat some other detergents can leave behind.”

“And your husband can use it in all types of machines.”

The wives were laughing and the husbands were making excuses as to why they never did laundry, you know the story “Oh I put the red shirt in with the whites one time and it turned everything pink!”

A chuckle a sip of water and a gasp for air and she was back to her speech.

“Wisk deep clean gives you the confidence to know that your clothes are deep down clean.” “only12.79 with a 130 loads”

“Don’t you want to wisk your dirt away.” She said it so soft and cute!

One lady said ” Well before you were born WISK was banned from Easthampton and they had to smuggle it in?” Nobody cared and we just smiled and laughed and said that was then and this is now!

Meanwhile I was describing my Apriums with a softer louder voice, as if from England, using key words such as “hybrid, from California and they are a apricot and a plum together” to attract and entice the people to buy them, once they tasted it was a sure thing of course you can’t taste Wisk it is a laundry detergent and they gave her no samples for people to take home and try? Of course jokes were made but she just kept smiling.

What a brave soul, to have created that speech just for her product, and if I was casting a T.V. commercial for WISK she would be the person for it. It shows how diversity can compliment one another which got me thinking about this town.

I thought what a great speech and yes I want to Wisk my dirt away just like everyone else. I felt like I was in a David Lynch movie so surreal. Then I thought what a great diversity this East end of Long Island has to offer new jobs, summer people, tourists, artwork, the winery’s, great farm fresh food, the water, history of the land and wonderful warm memories for everyone. I’m now proud to say I’m a East ender from Long Island and not the girl from Los Angeles California, but still doing my acting here in nefarious ways and I’m giving this town my best! And you never know who your going to meet in this great country called America and I just met one of the greats today here in Riverhead