Every Day Wonder Woman at the East End

Written By: Sandra Senzon

“You look like Wonder Woman they would say. “ I Do?
Everyday Wonder Woman is simply me! Don’t get me wrong Im
not bragging, just simply put; I am every day Wonder Woman!

Living on the East End half the week and Manhattan the other few days isn’t easy. I take two cats back and forth in cases. Princess Tiger Lilly and Princey.
They are good cats, they sit in the back of my new car, while I stop off and shop for the weekend and buy their fresh food. Most cats live in the alley mine have two homes. A city apartment and a Super Summer house, to lounge in.
Princey hates leaving my house so I have to grab him in the morning, or he’s capable of turning into a Lion; eating me up. No kidding, he has done it before.
Sometimes I have to take my fish net and scoop him into his case. Everyday Wonder woman!

My house is a full time job I learned to do a lot myself , or I would go bankrupt.
I have three ponds filled with Koi Fish, a story in itself. My gardner wanted to do an experimental pond and thus, I have four ponds. I learned how much responsibility it was to keep. I have Gold Finger, a gold Koi fish , Feckles, and one hundred more. There was one trapped in the pond pump…did not want to leave. This was two weeks in a row. I was able to get him out. Bull frogs mating. Did you ever hear bulls frog mate? I had to go out and separate them or my neighbors would be upset. Fell into the pond doing so, not once but three times. Everyday Wonder woman!

Love my fish. A Heron came by 18 times to have a good meal and I rolled out the net and fell in the pond, again, Lucille Ball of Pond Land, sitting there looking like a fool. Did I mention my daughters dog was running around with a fish in his mouth. My son in law said it was a dead fish. Hope so! I love those fish. Again everyday Wonder Woman!

Needless to say, I have had many sitcoms in my years living here. The latest was a chef who so graciously hit my brand new Mercedes. She thought I was going shopping in Stop and Shop.. She got out of the car a top chef here, in town, and said I thought you were going shopping. What I said, where did you get that from. $10,000 worth of damage to my car, and guess what she had no insurance. Five trips to the police , and the police said that the computer said there was insurance. I said then why do I have a letter saying that they cancelled her insurance. Justice? No Justice! “ Car Karma, I said to myself.
Everyday Wonder Woman!

This week was nice , rode my horse Baron, and fixed my pool and pond. Tired, out by the ride. I turned on McDonalds Movie.. Interesting movie, I am about to launch a licensed franchise in Dentistry. “The Tooth Spa” Tooth Fairy”. My brother in law is sooo negative, started to tell him of my new venture. He said,
No one wants “Clean teeth”. Maybe not him. I said negative goes no where, and today at Kabbalah, it was confirmed I was right. Every day Wonder Woman!

Life on the east end has certainly made me an every day Wonder Woman.
I had to be. No man comes to my rescue, and I take out my truth whip every once and a while. Friends seem to come and go, here. It’s not easy being single, especially when your in single land. The problem is that their mostly young kids. I know it will happen again one day, when I least expect it; meeting someone wonderful. Every day Wonder Woman!

Everyday Wonder Women lacks a Hero by her side. Will that day come? Every day Wonder Woman is challenged, hates bars, internet dating, and finds men just not engaging in special energy. Tapping into ones energy make me an every day Wonder Woman. I broke up with someone who I thought carried my spirit, and soul with him. Instead, it was my fantasy alone. Yup, I am an every day Wonder Woman, alone. Dark brown hair and big sparkling blue eyes. No one deserves to be alone. Magical things happen to people, and I feel it will happen to me , every day Wonder Woman!

The world outside the Hampton’s is not as crystalized. It lacks the fairy tale sparkle. I don’t need a sword to speak truth, or a mantra , for I am every day Wonder Woman in the Hampton’s!

The spirit of the Every Day Wonder Woman is an achiever. When I bought my house I wrote two books, and got published, as the Tooth Fairy and Dental Hygienist in New York. Yes, the every day Wonder Woman is a published author. I know own a product line and I am going to sell the whole concept to dentist. I have a truth whip, and want to save teeth.

I was not made out of clay, but I don’t really fit in my family. I am an every day Wonder Woman who came from ordinary, fearful, parents. Their dreams didn’t go as sky high as mine, I feel as an Every Day Wonder Woman I can achieve greatness. Life in the Hampton’s has added to my Every Day Wonder Woman nature.

Your environment can help you grow, and mine helped me as an every day Wonder Woman! Life is in the Hampton’s is great.