East End Kisses

Written By: Alyssa Eileen

What are kisses in places like Manhattan compared to kisses in the Hamptons? They usually being amongst the trees, on a dock, atop the sand, shells, and rocks of a shore line, or even in the water – whether it be a part of the sea or just a pool. In the city, kisses are against cold, hard walls of buildings with grimy concrete beneath your feet. Even in a beautiful shower of rain or snow, there is still human stench surrounding me as I try to focus on the person I am with.

Kisses I’ve had within the East End have always been picturesque. Even if the guy isn’t that great, my surroundings are beautiful. If I don’t enjoy the kiss, I can pull away and be a part of nature, a part of the wonderful environment around here. An environment I have always referred to as “my own personal rehab”. I love the East End and I love nature and who doesn’t love being kissed?

I recently within the last few years have chosen to live in the East End full time instead of anywhere near Manhattan. Yes, Manhattan has many, many wonderful perks of its own, however, I am a woman of nature. I love my space, I love fresh air, and I love delving into areas of the nature around me as much as possible.

Kisses in the woods, especially as it rains, are special as you look up at a bright blue sky or a spread of vibrant star-made constellations. The wind cools your back and shoulders as it flows through your hair. You’ll find this wind at any shore, dock, or area of water. These areas add salt or chlorine to your lips and a warmth of sun or a chill of nighttime temperature.

Even the person you are kissing is more relaxed and what a wonderful thing that can be. Especially with you being more at ease yourself. How beautiful. And in the rain, which I love, they can feel so amazing. Better than any kiss after a city date. So, why not save up my kisses for fantastic, almost seemingly magical (unless the person you kiss is quite unfortunate) romantic moments within the different areas of nature? This is where beauty, hope, and love come to grow. Why choose to settle to have it a different way?

Whatever the season, I prefer my kisses of the East End to any others. They add to my want of hope in believing that true love exists somewhere out there for me. So, why not try to find or bring it here to the east, where I love to play and grow in all other parts of my life? Why not try to find love here?

I think I shall…