Days of my Island life

Written By: Anna  Torre

As a young girl growing up on long Island I have seen all the natures and wonders of the towns I lived in. I am 33 years of age.

I recall my days in Rocky Point Suffolk county watching the flowers bloom with my Great grandma who I loved dearly.. I PLAYED outside with friends..

had my sandbox and my pool.. Jumping all day in the water…no worries..

Rocky Point was great we had stores that knew our name ..Handed me a candy or cookie just because,….

Those were the days.. My mother always called me inside after my bike ride with friends and I never wanted my day to end.

Well here I Am  still on Beautiful LongIsland ..taking drives out east as a woman.. watching the waves break down by the Long Island Sound..

I love it.  Well as I Write this story I walk down my country road holding my tea.. watching birds fly by and the trees move in the wind..

Well I See how the roads and stores change .. New buildings go up and homes being built.. Beautiful.  OH how this little Island became so built up in these years.

Some say its A good thing, others say its A bad thing.  I cant wait to build my family on this Island of beauty. I Sit back and look around and think, Will my future generation

have the same fun and experience as I had as a child?  I Sure hope so.. To much beauty to not take in.

Oh As I Write I hear my dog barking for me. I Think of all the fun my dog has on my generational property that was passed down to my family.

I am sure she loves to run and play  just like I did in the same land.

Looks like a storm is coming in from over the Long Island Sound, I must run back home I Can see the lightning in the summer sky, I hear the rumble of thunder to.

Well I am running home now, wow feels like miles now that my age as changed from 10 to 33. That’s life I guess ,but that’s my life, And i am blessed to see and have new experiences here. Hope you are to.