Casey Goes to the Hamptons

Written By: Cathy  Case

All year Casey waits for our summer trip to the Hamptons. It’s fall and we have a long time to wait. (picture of bichon pup and pumpkins) A non-fiction photo accompanies each page
Let’s count the pumpkins. Let’s count the gourds.
Poppy looks scary. He still thinks it’s Halloween, but it’s Thanksgiving! Our Hamptons trip is still a long way away.
Casey is curious about the winter snow. Does this mean Christmas is coming?
Pointsettias are a lovely winter flower.
What was that? What do I hear?
Could it be Santa?
Oh boy! Oh boy! I sure hope it’s Santa Claus!
Let’s take a nice bath so that we are nice and clean for Santa!
Casey knows that Santa only visits good little pups who are sleeping on Christmas Eve.
It’s Christmas morning and time to see what Santa left us! Maybe he left us our trip to the Hamptons!
I have been a good pup! I have a new bichon toy!
Poppy got a new Christmas sweater!
The snow is starting to melt!
Is it time to go to the Hamptons yet?
On St. Patrick’s Day, Casey was a bit sleepy from all the parties!
Spring is here! The sunflowers are out and summer is coming!
Oh boy! Oh boy! It’s finally summer! You know what that means!
We take the ferry to the Hamptons!
Here we go!
This is cool! How are we floating with our car?
Are we there yet?
How about now?
East Hampton, at last!
This windmill is called Old Hook Mill!
Main Beach! Hey! That’s my boogie board!
That’s a strange looking bird! It’s a seagull. Hold onto your snacks!
Let’s not chase him. He’s almost as big as we are!
Wow! Check out that catch!
Throw it again!
Let’s go to Montauk!
Let’s explore this beach!
I hope you brought your bathing suit!
The waves are big!
Let’s enjoy the view.
Poppy and Casey say goodbye for now to get some lunch.
I smell something delicious at Gurney’s!
How about a lobster roll at Lobster Roll?
I want a clam roll at the Clam Bar!
I want to go to Gosman’s too!
Walking on the jetty is fun!
You can watch the fishing boats come in and out!
I’d like to go for a swim, but I’m afraid.
Let’s go to the Montauk Lighthouse!
Did you know that the Montauk Lighthouse opened in 1787? Its light guides the ships at night.
I’m pretending to be George Washington. It was his idea to build the lighthouse.
It’s almost time to go home. I’ve had such a wonderful time!
If you lived here, you would already be home! See you next year!