Becoming Galileo

Written By: Richard M.  Kostura

Becoming Galileo


By Richard M. Kostura

(Aka Michael Galileo)


Even living in an area that’s as populated with intelligent people as theHamptonsit isn’t easy knowing how the universe works. First off, no one believes me when I say that I do, and that can be very frustrating. I mean really, how would you feel if people didn’t believe you when you tell them what you do?


These days- because I know how the universe works- I tend to avoid most situations where the question comes up, like the famous east end cocktail parties. It’s just not worth it anymore. A typical exchange would go something like this: Other person: “So, what do you do?” Me: ”I show people how the universe works.” At that point the other person either looks beyond me for a reason to excuse themselves from further conversation or laughs nervously and entertains my obvious madness for a short while with a superficial tongue-in-cheek verbal volley, never considering for even one moment that I might actually know how our perceivable universe works.


I mean, I can’t really blame them either. We were all raised- myself included- to never believe such heresy. Only God and chosen individuals like Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, andKrishna(to name the usual suspects) are allowed to claim such enlightenment. We are told that understanding the breadth and nature of the universe that we live in is and always will be beyond the comprehension of the common man. B*llsh*t. People used to say that man would never fly, or travel to the moon and beyond, and you know what, THOSE PEOPLE WERE WRONG! So are people that say we cannot understand the true nature of our reality, and how and why everything happens around us as it does.


I didn’t always know how the universe works. In fact, I had no idea how the universe worked when I was born. After all, I was just a little kid, and believed the things that adults told me about the world around me, just like everyone else. But then, as I grew up, I found that a lot of the things that adults had told me weren’t true, and that made the world a confusing and scary place. What made it particularly difficult for me- and what I wasn’t aware of until much later in my adult life- was that I have always had an ability to see the “math” of any circumstance. That made the hypocrisy of the world around me completely visible at a very young age, and fostered a cynical response to authority, which ultimately caused me to have to think for myself to find truth in this world of illusion.


Even the publisher of a local newspaper downgraded her association with me from “friendly” to “cordial” after I asked her if we could create a forum for me to get the information that I have out to others because I can’t stand watching all the pain and confusion going on. I mean, for Christ’s sake I even invented a new kind of clock that actually shows people how time happens because the clocks we were brought up with are just subjective garbage that keep us enslaved to the illusions of the world around us AND I have a letter from the Dalai Lama thanking me for the Earth Clock that I sent him sending me his blessings for the success of my work. I mean, what’s an enlightened individual to do these days in the face of the cacophony of crap that comes out of the ether and over stimulates the senses of the poor unenlightened masses?


People think I’m arrogant too because of statements like that one. But to understand what I mean, you have to first consider that you have been misled into believing that we cannot know the world around us. It’s just not true. “Seek and ye shall find,” I was told in the shower one day when petitioning a higher power that I wanted to know the truth of things. It turns out that guidance was correct. I did, and I did, just as promised in the great books of religion, and I’m not a religious person as the word religious is interpreted in today’s “modern parlance,” to quote Jeff Bridges plagiarizing as Jeff  “The Dude” Lebowski.