Be Careful What You Say

Written By: Victoria  MacDonald-Phoenix

I used to work at Macy’s in Hampton Bays until last week, I quit, I couldn’t take it anymore. I loved my customers and some very special other people work there. But the schedule is all over the place-all random time slots- I never worked the same time slot on the same day ever in a year. Random shifts, three, four,five , six or eight hour all shook up, mixed up times mixed up days. It makes the rest of your life all mixed up-you don’t do anything on schedule anymore- you don’t go potty on time, you don’t walk the dog on time, you don’t eat on time…etc.  I hadn’t done my bills or paperwork, statements on schedule in six months. Finally I get to that, and I see my Capitol One credit card which was supposed to be on auto pay, had NOT been for six months! Six months of late fee charges of $35 had been charged to me and my interest rate had been  increased for lack of payments! AUTO PAY! What the hell?! So, I call Capitol One to find out, I tell them all of this, and I finish with I’m so FRUSTRATED I could kill myself…( not serious )

Six minutes later a police car pulls in my drive way- I go to them to see whats up. They are there to take me away! Capitol One called them and said I threatened to kill myself and I have to go with them to StoneyBrook Mental Facility ! They were very nice and understood when I explained, but said we had to follow through- two hour drive to StoneyBrook… get there, the nurses are also very nice and understand  my story, but they can’t evaluate and release me, it has to be a Doctor. He’s busy, maybe in two hours he will get to me…no he only gets busier. Now looks like I have to stay the night. You ( I ) have never heard anything like this place in my life- Screaming, Yelling, Thrashing, Banging, the F word every minute. Some people are just plain out, I ask for what they had- they are sedated-you have to be violent to get what they had. Some woman comes over to my bed and says “Katie, its me Laura”(my name is Victoria) you know me from Hempke Park…I say I don’t even know where Hempke Park is. She gets off my bed, walks to the door, then turns around comes back, grabs my wrists together and punches me in the face and starts beating me all over- I’m screaming, the nurses take her away. Finally the next morning the Doctor gets to me, evaluates me and agrees I never needed to be there. Sorry. Moral of the story- Be careful what you say.(p.s. I’m still jumpy from this experience)