An essay about colors

Written By: Klara Grozinger

Colors  are all around us we just never consciously think about it.Take it as a simple fact of life.Probably don’t

realize it but we use color in our every day conversations.Use it to describe a mood,personality and sometimes

a social event.Let me give you some examples.Go to work and ask  your colleagues.How is the boss today?He is in a dark mood they reply.

What does that mean what color would you associate his mood with ?The color black of course which means he is in a really bad mood.

You can describe a personality with color black also.The person  has a dark personality.Has a  very bad negative might even devious personality.

When using the color black in the fashion world it means elegant.Black also means serious.Have an executive meeting probably wear a black suit.

Looking for a job,you want to give a good impression will keep away from wild colors.Wear something more subdued.Want to look serious,

confident,simple but elegant.Different look if you would like to get hired in the entertainment world.Here best show your creative side and

playfulness.Public knowledge green eye monster referring to jealousy.Color yellow represent warm and sunny side.How about pink.When

we see a baby has pink color on it cheeks we say looks like a healthy baby.Color white is the opposite.White has different meaning in

different situations.Why does the bride wears white.?In the 18 century white symbolize purity.The girl was unquestionable pure,untouched.

That is what color white represented in that situation.Today it is just a tradition.There is also a connection between certain institutes

and colors.Hospital color white.Why? Symbolize clean and sterilized conditions.Court house:Big gray building.That means seriousness

depressing and certainly not a fun place to be.Theater:think about marble,red velvet,gold color,elegance.Did you ever think about

baby showers?Why by blue if it is a boy and pink for a girl?I know it is a tradition but why this colors?No scientific explanation

i can give but here is my theory.If we go back in time in history wealthy,prominent and specially royal families the first born had to be

a boy to be a successor to the throne carry on the family name.Poor families also wanted to have a boy because help out on the field

do the heavy work and also carry on the family name.All these made me think blue it is a primary color on the color wheel.Also

the sky is blue.Having a boy it was generally that important in any family and when you achieved that goal it was like reaching

to the sky.What is more appropriate to show your happiness and biggest achievement then use color blue what is the only color

rich the highest point in the universe.What about pink the girl colors.It is a mixed color and not very strong one.It shows fragility.

It is a fainted light pastel color.Not very noticeable.Has it importance as a background or follow colors.If you go back in time

in history woman were in the background.Their most important and only role was the  family .Their only real role in 18 century.

That is what color pink represent.Today the meaning behind the colors are lost .We simply carry on a tradition what was established long before

our times.and don’t forget my explanation are not scientific.Klara.