A day In The Sun

Written By: Shannon Cox

A Day in the Sun

By Shannon Cox  

One cannot deny the beauty ofLong Island. It may be hidden, hidden deep under shopping centers, Starbucks, and strip malls, but the beauty is there. You just have to know where to look.


Fortunately for me, I know where to look. In my opinion, you need look no further than the east end. For instance, I love Cupsogue beach. There is just something about spending a summer evening at the seaside, a certain tick, a certain je ne sais quoi. A certain lilt in the sweet ocean breeze, a deep satisfaction bathed in the lingering sunlight as it washes over the water. Maybe it’s the way the golden sun transforms the colors of the world, kissing the tips of the trees as it fades, creating an alluring view as it slips below the horizon. Or, perhaps it has something to do with the cold thrill of the sea, the briny world in which we immerse ourselves. A day at the beaches of theHamptonscan be tantalizing; a mixture of the scent of the ocean, of sunscreen, of lobster and French fries as they are cooked on the boardwalk. The live music, the dancing, the laughter. There is nothing quite like a day in theHamptons.


Whether you spend this day lying on the beach or walking around town, dipped in the sea and bathed in sand or window shopping and grabbing a bite, there is a familial feel in the air. It’s something special to know that you’re sharing this day with strangers, sharing the love of the sea and the sun, the love of the town you’re in.Long Islandis a wonderful place, and theHamptonsare the epitome of that wonder.


Spending time on the hot sand or the cool water is guaranteed to both relax and excite you; create a mood that is both ecstatic and melancholy. Whether you choose to frolic in the ocean, stroll up the coast, or kick up your heels with a good book, you will feel a myriad of emotions. A day like this is a time for deep thinking, for reflections, and for nonsensical thoughts. A day like this can go on forever, but be gone in the blink of an eye. You should not worry, though. There is always tomorrow in theHamptons.


I believe in the magical charm that theHamptonshave, I believe in the way these towns can transfix you as you breathe in the cool oceanic air. There is a reason my family travels for an hour each way to visit these beaches, there is a reason hundreds and hundreds of people do the same every day. There is a reason we shop in the stores, eat in the restaurants, and spend our days here. The reason? What I said is true;Long Islandis a lovely, elegant, picturesque place. And we want to experience this magnificence in a way that only theHamptonscan provide.