2015 Emerging Writers Prize for Nonfiction

2015 Literary Prize Author Index

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Myers, Coco  - Summer of ’77

Murray, Jay  - Life on the bay

Murray, Linda Pashley  - Souvenir of Montauk

Mulvihill-Decker, Mary Ann  - The Broken Wing

Moulder, Grace  - I met my Dead Mother in Westhampton Beach

Moore, Christine  - Helen’s House

Montalbano, Karen  - Old Memories

Molton, Maria  - C-Section, See-Section, My Sea-Section

Mitchell, Matthew  - The Day the Sun Set on East Narrows

Mirsky, Jennifer  - Is This Chicken for Sale?

Michne, Lisa  - Fagotto

Miano, Juliana  - My Brother

Menz, Kurt  - Friday Night Helicopters

Menten, Vincent  - Jim Davidson / Hampton Jitney

Meinken-Sepenoski, Rita  - Going Home

Medici, Stephen  - A Walk Around Cold Spring Pond

McGuire, Cathy  - From Mastic to Montauk

McGaughey, James P.  - Blue Moon

McGaughey, James P.  - Conscience Point

McEnany, Lisa M  - My Way to the East End

McCoy, Larry  - Mapless in Suffolk

McConnell, Vincent  - William Hamilton Swan

McCann, Kyle  - Thankful

McCann, Anne  - The House

Maxwell, Kareena  - Corners

Mathisen, Ann  - The House on Potato Field Lane

Massei-Rosato, Maria  - For the Love of the Ocean

Martini, Elise  - A Silver Lining at Founders Landing

Martini, Elise  - My First “Crush”

Martin, Alice R.  - I Inherited A Shotgun

Martin, Alice R.  - Breaking and Entering

Maloney, Pat  - Four Score

Maler, Joel  - Endless Summer

Majcherski, Cristobal  - Small Time Voyeur

Mahoney, Mary J.  - A Rhythm Upon Everything

Magyar, Denize  - Be-You-Tee-Full!

Mafoud, Janet  - Some Folks Like To Get Away, Take A Holiday From The Neighborhood

Mackey, Dorothy  - A Stormy Reunion

Mackey, Michael  - Airing Family Laundry on Public Radio

Mackey, Michael  - TO HAVE NEVER LOST AT ALL: The Legend of Long Island’s Greatest High School Basketball Team of the 20th Century / Part 1