I Love Montauk

I Love Montauk

Who doesn’t? I am yet to meet a person who does not have heartwarming memories associated with this hamlet, known as The End.

Speaking of meeting a person. Montauk has carved itself a special place in my heart. Not only because of all the warming beach bonfires, fun filled parties, lazy afternoons on the beach, and first jobs that gave me lifelong lessons. It was a place where I met my husband of almost ten years. August 22nd, 2013 will mark the anniversary date.

I was one of the little beach rocks that got washed ashore in Montauk twelve years ago maybe by the currents of the ocean of life, maybe by a happy coincidence.

While exploring the legendary hotel in Montauk as a tourist, I landed a job interview. I have never been hired so fast in my life. The interview, if I could call it so, consisted of one question – do I know how to use computers. Done. Mind you, it was before the economy went down south.

That question anchored me in Montauk for the rest of the summer. It was a great summer. But it was about to get even better. At a time when I least expected it. Seven days before me leaving Montauk, and The United States, to be precise.

That beautiful Friday day, at the end of September, I was driving a beverage cart on a golf course. The tail of the tropical storm was still whipping through the East End. But it did not stop golfers from enjoying what was left of the summer season. I met a thirsty group of guys, who were in a need of a cold drink. The conversation, or should I say flirtation, ensued with one of the guys. After hearing about my departure dates and destination, the “legend” of a group made a statement that proved to be prophetic. People do say – be careful what you wish for, right? He offered to marry me, so I did not have to go anywhere. Ha! Here we go, I thought. What followed were laughter, encouragement, explanations, and apparently confusion, as I drove away thinking this guy was the groom in a wedding that was planned for that Sunday at the legendary hotel I was working at.

Lo and behold, Sunday came and who showed up at the entrance – non other but the “groom” , at least in my head, from the golf outing. And he had some nerve to flirt with me hours before he walked down the aisle. I was floored. But I was not going to let this pass him, and I reminded him he was about to say “I do” to an unsuspecting bride. Well, just like the sun dries up the high water mark at low tide, he cleared the confusion all up and assured me he was still single, but if I wanted to change that, I should come see him after the wedding.

It just so happened, or again the forces of the ocean of life let themselves be felt, that my taxi cab, which was supposed to take me home, made a circle by the hotel and would not stop to pick me up. My waving arms in the air must have meant something entirely different to the driver. Maybe the driver was also under the spell of the ocean of life.

At the same time the wedding was over, but a few guests, including the groom-turned-into-a-bachelor, continued the celebration at the hotel’s bar. Being “off duty” then and having some time to waste till I got another taxi cab, I accepted his invitation to join them. Waste of time it was not. This happened to be the time and place where our first picture was taken. It sure is interesting to look at it now with twelve years and two kids behind us.

As you might have guessed by now, he offered to drive me home, which I accepted. There, instead of me introducing him to my roommate, he introduced me to her as his future wife, causing another wave of “here we go” in my head. I was leaving the country in five days nonetheless.

But being a true legend, he would not let me leave without creating a memorable date for me. Though, it almost did not have a chance to transpire. As it turned out, Mr. Legend took the part of the napkin he scribbled his email on meant for me, and gave me the part with my email. Luckily, I had asked for his mobile number.

Long story short, we enjoyed the most romantic date in New York City just two days before me leaving. No, I did not cancel my plane tickets. But the currents of the ocean of life worked their magic once again, and we were back together in six months, and married in two years.

I love Montauk. And Montauk gave me love.